The Association of Process Engineering Students, Prosessiteekkarit ry, invited Dean Kristiina Kruus to become an honorary member

The Association of Process Engineering Students (Prosessiteekkarit ry, PT) of the School of Chemical Engineering is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and to mark the occasion it has invited Kristiina Kruus, Dean of the School, to become its first honorary member.
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According to Process Engineering Students, under Kruus, regular meetings with student organisations have been initiated, which has facilitated communication and contributed to the association's activities in many ways.

The Association of Process Engineering Students plays an important role in the activities of the School of Chemical Engineering.

"Welcoming first year students at the beginning of the academic year and familiarising them with the Aalto community is an invaluable work done by the Process Engineering Students. I greatly appreciate their role in building the community of our school. Company visits and leisure time events are an important part of student life," says Kristiina Kruus. "I greatly appreciate being honored, and I am confident that our cooperation will continue to be as inspiring in the future."

The Process Technicians celebrated their 10th anniversary with a wonderful annual party on 17 September 2022. During the celebration, a certificate of honour was presented to Kristiina Kruus. The honorary membership is for life.

The first edition of PT's songbook, Sidos, was published during the celebration. The songbook was put together with thought and each song was carefully selected with longevity and community singing culture in mind. The songs have been collected from traditional student song collections, from sister guilds in other cities, and by asking the members for wish lists. A special part of the songbook are the songs written by the Process Engineers themselves over the years, which are now published for the first time. The volume reflects the development of the song culture of the Aalto and the students of engineering community as a whole.

She radiates a positive attitude and understanding towards students.

Certificate of honour, The Association of Process Engineering Students
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