The 2022 Award for Achievements in Teaching to University Teacher Henry Gustavsson

Gustavsson's long-term meritorious stakeholder cooperation has enabled the students to have a memorable, motivating and working life skills enhancing learning experience.
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University Teacher Henry Gustavsson (left), receiver of the 2022 Award for Achievements in Teaching, and Dean Gary Marquis.

Henry Gustavsson, Department of Civil Engineering, has a long experience in teaching geoengineering at Aalto University. Since 2016 he has been the responsible teacher of the Project Course in Geoengineering, and the success of the course has been based on a strong cooperation with stakeholders in the field.

During the course, students carry out group work that successfully simulates working life. The working methods correspond to the real practices of the field, and the industry professionals visiting the course guide the students' work according to the latest operating methods.

"Gustavsson's long-term meritorious stakeholder cooperation has enabled the students to have a memorable, motivating and working life skills enhancing learning experience", said Dean Gary Marquis.

The amount of the annual Award for Achievements in Teaching is 3,000 euros. The Teaching Award and other 2022 awards and honors were awarded at the Dean's Coffee on February 15.

Vaikuttavuuspalkinnon saanut professori Ari Ekroos ja dekaani Gary Marquis
The Impact Award of the School of Engineering was granted to Professor Ari Ekroos (left.) by Dean Gary Marquis.

The 2022 Impact Award

The Impact Award of the School of Engineering was awarded for the first time. It may be granted to an individual or a group for an innovation, collaboration or for promoting the visibility and impact of research-based knowledge within society. The award 2022 was granted to Professor Ari Ekroos from the Department of the Built Environment.

Ekroos has been actively working for success of Finnish Society. He has brought crucially important aspects of legal frameworks and regulation to engineering education through his work as a professor in environmental and climate law in the School of Engineering. 

The civil engineering and built environment practices are broadly guided and constrained by the laws in connection to areas such as environment, land use, construction, surface and ground waters, nature protection, waste management, and climate. Understanding the principles of legal frameworks and processes is among the vital skills in engineering and inherent in consulting, administration, and construction business. 

"Professor Ekroos has extended his societal impact by participation in debates related to climate change, which is demonstrated though membership in the Finnish Climate Change Panel. A long term contribution is his significant role in the preparation and amendment of environmental legislation, which in Finland is in the worldwide forefront of sustainable development", said Dean Gary Marquis.

2022 Student Awards

Twelve students were recognised for their efforts in 2022:

  • Janni Kerkkänen and Riku Päivärinta, Freshmen captains, Guild of Mechanical Engineers
  • Joona Lipponen and Pinja Salo, Freshmen captains , Guild of Surveying Engineers
  • Katariina Kokkonen and Lauri Vallo, Freshmen captains, Guild of Civil Engineers
  • Emma Maliniemi, Master's captain, Guild of Mechanical Engineers
  • Elli Vainio-Mattila, Master's captain, Guild of Surveying Engineers
  • Lotta Elonen, Master's captain, Guild of Civil Engineers
  • Aku Mustalahti, Study Secretary, Guild of Mechanical Engineers
  • Aatu Jäntti, Master of Studies, Guild of Surveying Engineers
  • Atte Jämsén, Responsible for studies, Guild of Civil Engineers

The award included a prize of 400 euros.

Warm congratulations to all!

Doctoral Dissertation Awards

Dean Gary Marquis presented the 2022 Doctoral Dissertation Awards to

  • Matias Heino, D.Sc. (Tech.), Department of Built Environment
    Susceptibility of global crop production to climate variability and change. Supervising professor Matti Kummu.
  • Kaisa Jaalama, D.Sc. (Tech.) Department of Built Environment
    3D geovisualizations in human-centered quality assessments of urban and green spaces — from point clouds to nonabsolute spaces. Supervising professor Matti T. Vaaja
  • Antti Surma-aho, D.Sc. (Tech.), Department of Mechanical Engineering
    The role of empathy in design practice - Theoretical development and empirical exploration of an integrated model. Supervising professor Katja Hölttä-Otto
  • Xiaolei Yuan, D.Sc. (Tech.)  Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Optimization of row-and-rack level airflow management in data centers. Supervising professor Risto Kosonen.

The Doctoral Dissertation Awards were accompanied by a stipend of 3 000 euros.

Publications Awards

The 2022 Publication Awards were given to

  • Doctoral Researcher Joonas Jaaranen, Department of Civil Engineering, for the article Experimental and numerical investigations of two-way LVL­–concrete composite plates with various support conditions(Engineering Structures, Volume 256, 2022). Authors: Joonas Jaaranen, Gerhard Fink
  • Doctoral Researcher Yuri Kroyan Department of Mechanical Engineering, for the article 
    Modeling the impact of sustainable aviation fuel properties on end-use performance and emissions in aircraft jet engines (Energy, Volume 255, 2022). Authors: Yuri Kroyan, Michał Wojcieszyk, Ossi Kaario, Martti Larmi
  • Doctoral Researcher Vilma Sandström, Department of Built Environment, for the article Food system by-products upcycled in livestock and aquaculture feeds can increase global food supply (Nature Food 3, 2022). Authors:Vilma Sandström, Anna Chrysafi, Marjukka Lamminen, Max Troell, Mika Jalava, Johannes Piipponen, Stefan Siebert, Ollie van Hal, Vili Virkki, Matti Kummu

Each Publication Award was accompanied by a stipend of 2 000 euros.

2022 Dean’s Service Award

Laboratory Manager Åsa Enberg from the School of Engineering received the 2022 Dean’s Service Award:

"Åsa Enberg is a long-standing controller in service of both the Department of Built Environment and Department of Civil Engineering. While she has an excellent command of her primary work in financial matters, she has also taken on many other duties, including matters related to facilities and organising large conferences

As a long-standing member of the Aalto University and Helsinki University of Technology community, she has a wealth of background knowledge applicable to a variety of issues. Åsa Enberg is a joy to work with", said Dean Gary Marquis..

Independence Day Decorations 2022

On Indpendence Day 2022, Chief Engineer Veli-Antti Hakala from the Department of Civil Engineering was awarded with the honorary medal of Knight of the Order of the Lion of Finland and Secretary Elsa Nissinen-Narbro from the School of Engineeringwith the honorary medal ofMedal First Class of the Order of the White Rose of FinlandDean Gary Marquis presented the awards to Hakala and Nissinen-Narbro.

The Annual Review

After the awards, Dean Gary Marquis presented the Annual Review 2022 of the School of Engineering.

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