Student selections for the School of Business published

The results of student selections for the Bachelor’s Programme in Business and the Bachelor’s Programme in International Business have been published in the Studyinfo service.

The selection results of joint application to higher education in the field of business on the basis of entrance exam have been published today on 28 June. At the moment, the minimum number of points for gaining admission to the Finnish-language Bachelor’s Programme in Business (Otaniemi campus) at the School of Business on the basis of the entrance exam is 30. Of the new students who applied in the joint application for higher education 40 % are selected on the basis of the entrance exam.

The results of all the admission groups for the English-language Bachelor’s Programme in International Business (Mikkeli campus) have also now been published. Selections in admission groups II and III are based on the SAT test.

Aalto University’s School of Business offers also other admission channels for the bachelor’s studies in business, and the results of these admission channels have been published today in the Studyinfo service. Results of the diploma-based selections that were made on the basis of grades in the Finnish Matriculation Examination Certificate were published already on 30 May.

The minimum points for all the admission channels will be finalised only at the end of the admission’s process, when possible admissions from the reserve list have been made. The final point limits will be published on the website of Aalto University.

Study place must be accepted at the latest on 10 July

The study place must be accepted by Tuesday 10 July at 3 PM. Students admitted to the Bachelor’s Programme in Business will start their first year of studies on Friday 31 August, and the Bachelor’s Programme in International Business will start on Monday 3 September.


Pia Lahti
Manager of Academic Affairs
Aalto University School of Business
tel. +358 50 512 4204
[email protected]

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News: The Bachelor’s Programme in Business (Otaniemi campus) and Bachelor’s Programme in International Business (Mikkeli campus) have published their student selections 2018 based on diploma grades

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