Student communications project - Transferring Into onto

We aim to improve student communications and this includes transferring the contents of Into onto On this page, you can find more information on the project, its timeline and current events.
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Why are we transferring Into onto

  • We gain more accessibility
  • Into and its platform are becoming obsolete
  • It is difficult to create interfaces between different systems and Into

What do we gain?

  • A more modern and visual design
  • All Aalto information on the same website
  • Opportunity to improve contents during the transfer
  • Increased communication between different systems

Current Events

What is happening with the project at the moment?

Look and navigation of the new Student guide

Below is a preview on the look and logic of the new site. In many ways, it is similar to Into, however, technically and visually it differs. Please note that some things are subject to change on the Student guide upon publication.

    Student guide main page

    At the top of each page of the Student guide is the main navigation panel where you can find five headers, some with max. five subheaders. Pictured is the front page of the Student guide with the header "Programmes, Minors and Courses" open. You will recognize headers with a subnavigation by the arrow icon after the header title.

    Student guide page example

    The pages on the Student guide often list links to specific sites without further explanations on each topic. This is to allow the user to navigate the site as smoothly as possible and to see a page's contents at glimpse.

    Student guide, programme page

    You can find all current programme pages on the Student guide. The programme pages have their own navigation with five headers, some with max. five subheaders. Pictured is the programme main page with the header "During your studies" opened to reveal five subheaders where you can find more information on each topic. 

    Feedback and more information: Meri Karjalainen, meri.karjalainen(a)

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    Student guide illustration, front page
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