Six new research projects starting

Research areas represented are security, mobile and semantic computing, Industrial Internet, information retrieval and enterprise system development.

The goal of Cloud-assisted Security Services (CloSer) is to show how we can build effective cloud-assisted security services for organizations and individuals by designing novel security, privacy and data analytics techniques. The project is a continuation of the 2-year "CloSe" project funded jointly by the Academy of Finland and Tekes during 2014-2016. The project is led by professor N. Asokan and funded by Tekes.

The objective of Harnessing Available Spectrum for Mobile Video and Beyond (ASPECT) is to realize systems and services based on research in dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radios, with focus on mobile video delivery. The ultimate goal is to realize novel technical solutions and delivery models to cope with the increasing resource demands on the mobile network infrastructure. The project is led by professor Mario Di Francesco and funded by the Academy of Finland.

The project Semantic web publications: texts as data service (Severi) develops Linked Data infrastructure for publishing texts as  machine “understandable” data services  for the Web of Data. The methods and tools developed are tested and evaluated in four application areas: law and justice, industrial norms, news, and e-books. The project is led by professor Eero Hyvönen and funded by Tekes and a consortium of 10 companies and organizations.

Professor Martti Mäntylä's research group's project 5G meets Industrial Internet combines two breakthrough technologies: 5G technology and industrial internet. The combination enables better capabilities in real time data management, predictability and mobility of actions and increased automation. Applications will build a basis for business opportunities worth more than hundreds of millions, benefiting both companies and consumers as well as the public sector. The project is funded by Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation and Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation.

Tuukka Ruotsalo’s project Modeling User Intentions In-the-Wild develops and evaluates information retrieval systems that predict user intentions from interaction data with long term user engagement. This approach allows to study and alleviate biases and beliefs that users currently have when using search systems and improve precision of retrieved information by offering intent modeling methods that can ground the users’ decisions to data obtained via adaptive user interaction rather than relying only on ad-hoc expressions of information needs. The project is funded by the Academy of Finland.

DINE – Digital Infrastructures and Enterprise Integration focuses on the use of digital infrastructures, possibly provided by global internet giants, as strategic assets. DINE experiments with different models and methods for strategic integration of digital infrastructures. This model will be evaluated in practice in four organizations using the Action Design Research process, which ultimately aims at building a tool for digital infrastructure strategy creation. The project is led by professor Kari Smolander and funded by the Academy of Finland.

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