School of Science graduates are satisfied with their master’s degree – majority of the graduates are male

Most of the graduates stay at the Metropolitan area after the graduation.
Photo: Aino Huovio
Photo: Aino Huovio

According to the national career monitoring survey, graduates from the School of Science in 2015 are very satisfied with their master’s degree. According to the graduates, the employers appreciate the degree, the studies are useful in the working life and the requirements of the working life correspond to academic qualifications.

“Most of the graduates stay at the Metropolitan area after the graduation. 75% of the respondents were male and 25% female – we continue to encourage more women to enter the field of technology,” says Vice Dean of Education, Ari Koskelainen.

Almost all the graduates recommend studies at the School of Science, are satisfied with their career, and think that the knowledge and skills are suitable for working life.

Employment of the graduates

Data-analyst, technology director and service designer are some of the job titles five years after graduation.

Job titles 5 years after graduation

Most of the graduates work in large and small or medium-sized companies. They are also employed by universities, state, or work as entrepreneurs.

Employers five years after graduation

95 % of the graduates were employed or were entrepreneurs.

“School of Science graduates have the most competitive salary when that is compared to the other technical schools at Aalto,” says the Manager of Academic Affairs Mari Knuuttila.

Employment and salary

Most important skills in current job are problem-solving skills, ability to learn and adopt new things, analytical and systematic thinking skills and self-direction.

Most important knowledge and skills in current job

Aalto University Career Services follows the career development of the graduates five years after graduation. Career development monitoring is conducted as a part of a national survey on academic graduates with the Aarresaari Career Services network representing 13 Finnish universities.

A career monitoring survey of our master’s graduates from 2016 is running from 4 October to 13 December 2021. You can receive the survey by e-mail, mail or text message. We are hoping to receive many responses to the surveys again. Thank you in advance!

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