Risto Nieminen invited to become the Honorary President of the Finnish Cultural Foundation

Academician, Professor Emeritus and the former Dean of the School of Science Risto Nieminen will be the 32nd Honorary President.

He has held various positions of responsibility at the Finnish Cultural Foundation between 1994 and 2012.

According to the rules of the Finnish Cultural Foundation, for the office of its life-time honorary president, the foundation's board can invite Finnish nationals especially distinguished in Finnish cultural work. The tradition is based on the Finnish Cultural Foundation collection of 1937-39 supported by the President of the Republic of Finland Kyösti Kallio, the patron for the collection. After him, almost all Finland's presidents have acted as the honorary presidents of the Foundation. Current honorary presidents, apart from the presidents of the whole nation, include Academician Olli Lehto and Pekka Hallberg, the former President of the Supreme Administrative Court. Earlier honorary presidents include A.I.Virtanen, Alvar Aalto, Rolf Nevanlinna and Erkki Laurila.

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