Respond to the quality survey on Aalto student and staff restaurants from 14 to 16 March

A survey on the quality of the staff and student restaurants will be conducted.

The survey will be conducted on the Arabia, Otaniemi and Töölö campuses from Tue 14 to Thu 16 March 2017 to collect information on the views of the restaurant users on the e.g.  the variety in menus, opening hours, main reasons for the choice of restaurant and the importance of the environmental impact of the food served at the restaurants. At the end of the questionnaire, there is also room for comments and suggestions for improving our services.

Besides the paper form you may also answer online:

  • paper form which is available at the student and staff restaurants
  • Restaurant survey 2017 (the survey has been closed.)

All respondents are entered into a draw to win, e.g. lunch tickets.

Respond and make a difference!

The survey is organised by the Aalto restaurant committee.

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