Rectors of European universities of technology met in Otaniemi

The theme of the conference was to encourage universities to boldly cross borders between different fields of science, sectors, and ways of thinking.
Conference of Rectors and Presidents of European Universities at Aalto University. Photo: Lasse Lecklin.

Around 60 rectors and presidents from all around Europe met at Aalto University on 18 - 19 September for the Conference of Rectors and Presidents of European Universities of Technology.

The theme of the 34th annual conference, this year hosted by President Tuula Teeri, was Crossing Borders. As the operating environment changes, universities must adopt new ways of thinking and cooperation that cross borders between different fields of science, countries and cultures, as well the academia and the industry.

– Aalto University is engaged in long-term partnerships with companies, communities and its alumni. We have a steadfast belief in the vitality of cooperation – without it, our mission to work for a better world and stronger Finland would be impossible, President Teeri stated in her opening speech on Friday.

For more information, please see the conference website.

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