Professor Ilkka Keppo studies the assessment and modelling of uncertainty

What do the decisions I make about getting a cup of coffee on the way to work have to do with the decisions we will make about energy system models in the decades to come?

Ilkka Keppo

Professor Keppo specialises in the use and development of energy systems and integrated assessment models, especially in connection with various issues focusing on climate change mitigation. The cross-cutting theme of his research is uncertainty assessment, characterisation, and modeling, and his research findings have been published in, for example, Nature, Nature Energy, Nature Climate Change, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Ilkka Keppo was appointed as associate professor with tenure at the Department of Mechanical Engineering as of 1 November 2020. The field of his professorship is energy systems. He graduated with a PhD in Energy Economics and Power Plant Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology in 2009.

He has an extensive international network after working for the past 15 years at numerous leading research institutes and universities across Europe, including in the United Kingdom (UCL), the Netherlands (ECN) and Austria (IIASA). Prior to joining Aalto, Professor Keppo was Director of the Energy Systems Research Area and Associate Professor at UCL Energy Institute, University College London (UCL), where he also previously (2012–2015) led the master's programme in Economics and Policy of Energy and Environment.

At UCL, Professor Keppo led research at his institute on several nationally and internationally funded research projects, the most recent being the EU-funded Horizon 2020 NAVIGATE project (2019–2023). He supervised about ten dissertation and post-doc researchers as a direct supervisor on leaving UCL. He has also been an active Peer Reviewer for about 20 different journals, funders and organizations (e.g. Nature Climate Change, Nature Communications, PNAS, Swiss National Science Foundation, FNRS, IPCC and IEA) and a member of the Editorial Board for one, and a visiting member for two, scientific publication. He has also specifically advised and assisted both the British and Scottish governments on energy system modelling.

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