Professor Eero Hyvönen appointed as the new director of HELDIG, Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities

Professor Eero Hyvönen will also continue his work as professor at Aalto University.

Eero Hyvönen has a long history of collaboration with the humanities, social science and memory organizations in Finland. He is internationally a highly regarded scholar in the digital humanities and he has successfully been running Semantic Computing Research Group at Aalto University for years.

Hyvönen is also a pioneer of open science in Finland and his international networks reach far and wide. He currently acts, for example, as a workgroup leader in the Reassembling the Republic of Letters project that includes over 30 countries, and there are joint project and collaborations with Stanford University, University of Oxford, and University of Colorado.

"HELDIG, Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities, will open up new transdisciplinary cooperation opportunities between Aalto University, the University of Helsinki, and various other Finnish organizations in Digital Humanities, where methods of computer and data science are developed and applied in the fields of humanities and social sciences," describes Eero Hyvönen.

"I will also continue to teach and lead my group’s research in semantic computing and linked open data at Aalto University, Department of Computer Science," concludes Hyvönen.

HELDIG is partly funded by a substantial profiling measure of the Finnish Academy. HELDIG will function as a network that connects different faculties and departments in a transdisciplinary manner, including networks between universities and other key organizations in the field.

More information:

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Reassembling the Republic of Letters

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