Optimising energy consumption with the internet of things

Aalto University develops intelligent control of energy use in residential and office buildings in association with Finnish industry partners.
Aalto University School of Engineering

Buildings account for roughly 40% of all global energy consumption. On the European scale, a 10% reduction alone would translate to an annual savings of €27 billion and thus a sizable market for consumption controls. Increasing the production of renewable energy will also create a need for greater flexibility in energy systems.

Aalto University's REINO project will develop tools for the intelligent control of energy use in residential and office buildings in association with Finnish industry partners. The project will develop steering algorithms to support the flexible management of energy demand. Users can achieve cost reductions by accepting a temporary deterioration in heating, cooling and air conditioning, for example.

The aim is to develop steering equipment and software and compare their functionality and cost reductions achieved in real buildings. This will also help companies break into international markets.

Participants in the two-year project are Aalto University, Finnish Energy, Fidelix, Fourdeg, Granlund, Residentia, Solixi, SRV and Aalto University Campus & Real Estate. The project is funded mainly by Tekes through its Challenge Finland instrument. The project connects Aalto University’s research efforts in the fields of energy and industrial internet.


Sanna Syri, Professor, energy economics and technology
tel. +358 50 599 3022
[email protected]

Risto Kosonen, Professor, HVAC technology
tel. +358 40 502 7484
[email protected]

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