Open online course Finland Works alumnus: ‘The course is a great way to show initiative for future employers’

Gaining a quick and easily graspable insight into the working culture of a certain country is not always simple, but Senior Design Engineer Matthew Clarkson had good use of the open online course Finland Works by Aalto University while exploring the possibility of relocating from Germany to Finland.
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Matthew Clarkson is a Senior Design Engineer and Team Leader from Germany who wanted to learn more about working life in Finland and to explore the possibilities of relocating to Finland with his family. He found the open online course Finland Works by Aalto University to be the perfect starting point for a potential career in Finland.

‘I hope the course certificate will prove to future employers in Finland that I have shown initiative in order to make the transition as easy and smooth as possible.’ says Clarkson.

The Finland Works open online course by Aalto University offers practical insights into Finnish working life and building a career in Finland for anyone interested in Finnish work culture or finding a job in Finland. The course is authored by recruitment and career specialists and complemented with stories and experiences from Aalto University international alumni. 

Matthew, has the course given you a better understanding of working life and work culture in Finland? 

I think the course was great! It was really informative, mostly in regards to practical tips about job searching and pursuing a career in Finland. My main takeaway is that I now have a much greater understanding of what to expect of the working life in Finland, as well as much more information about the employer regulations.

I recently had a job interview and mentioned that I had completed this course, which seemed to make a positive impression on the employer.

Matthew Clarkson, Finland Works course alumnus

How did you find the self-directed and online learning experience? 

The online learning experience was extremely engaging and interesting, and the overall learning experience was perfect – I could complete the course at my own pace whenever I had the time.

For whom would you recommend this course?

I would definitely recommend the course for anyone interested in moving to Finland and perusing employment in Finland. It will give you valuable information and a headstart to job searching. 

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Finland Works (open online)

In this course, we will look at how to navigate in Finnish working life and how to find a job. We explore working life in Finland from societal, organisational and individual perspectives. Once you have finished this course, you will have a better understanding of work culture in Finland, what working in a Finnish company is like, how individuals find work-life balance in Finland, how to communicate your skills, and how to look for jobs in Finland.

Aalto University Summer School
Hertta filming an online teaching video at Aalto University School of Business

Future of Work (open online)

We are amid a revolution of work, which started already long before the pandemic. Making sense of the future of work can feel tricky in the middle of a constant information overflow. This course is supported with academic research and references packaged in a way that is easy to access. In this course, we will look at how the roles of the individual, organisations and society have changed and how it affects how we work today and in the future.

Aalto University Summer School
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