OP Financial Group donates 120 000 euros to Aalto University

The donation will be targeted to the field of business and economics. The impact of the donation will be increased by the Finnish government's matching funding campaign, which will continue until the end of June 2022.
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OP Financial Group is donating a total of 1.8 million euros to Finnish universities. OP Financial Group’s central cooperative’s, that is to say OP Cooperative’s, share of the donation is 1.2 million euros. It will be equally distributed between ten Finnish universities that teach economics. Aalto University's share of the donation is 120,000 euros.

With the donation, OP Financial Group aims to support Finnish expertise and research, create opportunities for sustainable growth and promote the long-term success of its operating region.

’As a large Finnish actor, promoting wide-ranging research and expertise both on the national and local level is important to us. We have been strengthening the everyday financial literacy of people in Finland for 120 years, and we support Finland’s top financial and economic expertise through universities’, says Timo Ritakallio, OP Financial Group’s President and Group Chief Executive Officer.

‘OP Financial Group is a long-term and close partner of our school. We are very grateful for the donation, which contributes to the development of our school towards the international top’ says Timo Korkeamäki, dean of the Aalto University School of Business.

’A warm thank you to OP Financial Group for donating and supporting our education and research in economics and business. In cooperation, we will strengthen Finnish economic know-how and promote the sustainable growth of our country’, says Ilkka Niemelä, President of Aalto University.

The Finnish government’s matching funding increases the impact of the donations by adding a plus-factor to each euro donated until the end of June 2022.

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