Nokia donates EUR 500 000 to the field of technology at Aalto University

The donation will fund doctoral programmes researching quantum technology and 6G technology.
Quantum chips like it cold
Superconducting quantum chip. Photo: Jan Goetz

Nokia will donate EUR 1,1 million to support technology research, education and innovation at four Finnish universities. Aalto University’s share of the donation is EUR 500,000. Aalto has decided to use the donation for doctoral programmes in quantum technology and 6G technology. Its impact will be amplified by the Finnish state’s matching funding campaign, which will continue until the end of June 2022.

‘Nokia's over 157 year history in Finland is built around long-term research and continuous innovation. Only by investing in research and education can Finland remain at the forefront of technology and innovation. With this donation, we want to emphasize the importance of Finnish research and education and do our part to continue fostering world-class innovation and talent,’ says Tommi Uitto, President of Nokia's Mobile Networks and Country Manager for Finland.

Aalto and Nokia have engaged in extensive collaboration in the fields of data and communications technology, artificial intelligence, art and design, and business studies.

Quantum technology is undergoing significant changes and development. Although the technology has great potential, there are few experts in the field. 'Quantum technology and quantum computing have a huge potential, and we are happy to see that Nokia wants to be prepared for the quantum future,' says Jouko Lampinen, Dean of the School of Science at Aalto University.

‘The investments being made today in education and development in the field will come back as significant future benefits for society and industry. Mobile technologies are critical infrastructure in modern society. When 5G technology starts to ripen commercially, it will be time to take the next great step into 6G. This effort can succeed only with the help of strong basic research,’ says Jyri Hämäläinen, Dean of the School of Electrical Engineering at Aalto University.

‘We are very happy to be able to invest in the future of quantum and 6G technology through doctoral training with the support of Nokia. The donation will have a great societal impact, as the new recipients of the doctorates will become the key experts and trailblazers of their fields,’ Hämäläinen observes.

Significant innovations

For decades, Nokia has been an important partner for Aalto and the institutions of higher education that proceeded it.

‘Our collaboration has led to numerous innovations which have boosted the rise of Finnish technological skills and knowledge to the top of the world. We are grateful to Nokia for this significant donation which reinforces our collaboration for the benefit of a successful Finland and the whole world,’ says Aalto University President Ilkka Niemelä.

At present Aalto and Nokia have about 20 ongoing research projects involving professors and postdoctoral researchers, as well as doctoral students and master's students. These projects include topics such as 5G technology, signal processing, antenna technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things, mobile cloud services, and materials.

Nokia is also an important employer of Aalto University’s alumni and students. The Nokia funding will help in the completion of about 20 master's theses and two doctoral dissertations each year. In addition, the Nokia Foundation awards about 15 grants for doctoral studies and research at Aalto.

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InstituteQ – The Finnish Quantum Institute

InstituteQ coordinates quantum technology research, education and innovation across Finland

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InstituteQ. Photo: Jorden Senior.
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