Nearly 18 million euros for research

The Academy of Finland funding brings six new Academy Research Fellows, 14 Postdoctoral Researchers and 23 Academy Projects to Aalto University. The funded projects strengthen several of Aalto University's research areas, and quantum physics as well as marine and arctic technology were particularly successful
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The funding granted to Aalto University by the Academy of Finland from the September 2021 call will boost the university’s research with a total of EUR 17.6 million.

Aalto University is involved in 20 new academy projects. Part of these are consortium projects, and the total number of funded Aalto subprojects is 23. The funding allocated to the academy projects totals approximately EUR 10.1 million, and they include a wide range of research projects in the fields of science and technology, biosciences, health and the environment.

In addition, six new academy research fellows and 14 postdoctoral researchers will begin in Aalto in early September. The total funding granted to Aalto University for the tasks of academy research fellows and postdoctoral researchers is EUR 7.3 million.

‘The Academy of Finland provides us yearly with the largest amount of competitive funding. We are delighted and proud of our researchers and professors who received grants from the September 2021 call. The funded academy projects and individual academy grants covered several areas of strength of Aalto University’s research. For instance, this year, several academy research fellows and academy projects were granted in quantum physics. This research area has recently received a lot of positive visibility, and for good reasons. A delightful surprise was that a relatively small area of research, marine and arctic technology, received as many as three Academy projects,’ says Vice President for Research Ossi Naukkarinen.

Congratulations to all!

Academy Projects 1.9.2022–31.8.2026

Babbar, Rohit, Dept. of Computer Science
Scalable and Robust Representation Learning in Large Output Spaces

Fagerholm, Fabian, Dept. of Computer Science
Naturalistic decision-making in Continuous Experimentation

Foster, Adam, Dept. of Applied Physics
Automated discovery atomic force microscopy

Hollanti, Camilla, Dept. of Mathematics and Systems Analysis
Number-theoretic well-rounded lattices

Elucidation of the structural development during cellulose carbonization for advanced carbon materials (CelCarbo) (consortium)
Hummel, Michael, Dept. of Bioproducts and Biosystems, Aalto
Vaari, Jukka, VTT Ltd

New frontiers in Bayesian optimal design for applied inverse problems (BODAIP) (consortium)
Hyvönen, Nuutti, Dept. of Mathematics and Systems Analysis, Aalto
Helin, Tapio, LUT University

XAI-based software-defined energy networks via packetized management for fossil fuel-free next-generation of industrial cyber-physical systems (X-SDEN) (konsortio)
Jung, Alex, Dept. of Computer Science, Aalto
Juliano Nardelli, Pedro, LUT University

Ionosphere-thermosphere response to Space Weather Events (INTERSECT) (consortium)
Kallio, Esa, Dept. of Electronics and Nanoengineering, Aalto
Aikio, Anita, University of Oulu
Kauristie, Kirsti, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Li, Yongdan, Dept. of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
Research on high-performance composite membrane in non-aqueous redox flow battery

Better Health at Home – Optimized Human-Centered Care of Predialysis and Home Dialysis Patients (BOC) (consortium)
Lillrank, Paul, Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Management, Aalto
Viitanen, Johanna, Dept. of Computer Science, Aalto
Ekstrand, Agneta, Helsinki University Central Hospital
Knittle, Keegan, University of Helsinki
Smolander, Maria, VTT Ltd

Musharraf, Mashrura, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Towards human centered intelligent ships for winter navigation

Empowering quantum nanoelectronic devices using thermal energy (THEPOW) (consortium)
Möttönen, Mikko, Dept. of Applied Physics, Aalto
Pekola, Jukka, Dept. of Applied Physics, Aalto

Parkkonen, Lauri, Dept. of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
Development and application of magnetoencephalography to non-invasive studies of animal brain function

Polojärvi, Arttu, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Discrete Element Modeling of Continuous Ice Floes and Their Interaction (DEMFLO)

Roncoli, Claudio, Dept. of Built Environment
Adaptive and Learning Control strategies for Sustainable future Traffic Operations (ALCOSTO)

Adaptive Multi-Energy Virtual Power Plant for a Complex of Buildings (consortium)
Sierla, Seppo, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Aalto
Alanne, Kari, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Aalto

Solowski, Wojciech, Dept. of Civil Engineering
How to increase the use of low CO2 emissions soil improvement methods: development of new design procedures based on advanced Material Point Method simulations

Törmä, Päivi, Dept. of Applied Physics
Correlations in multiband quantum systems

In-situ equilibrium shifting in CO2 utilization reactions by novel absorbents (CO2Shift) (consortium)
Uusi-Kyyny, Petri, Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Aalto
Lehtonen, Juha, VTT Ltd

Further information on funding decisions from the Academy of Finland website

Get to know our new Academy Research Fellows and Postdoctoral Researchers (below).

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See the projects of our new academy research fellows and postdoctoral researchers

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New Academy Research Fellows and postdoctoral researchers

Funding granted by the Academy of Finland brings six new Academy Research Fellows, and 14 postdoctoral researchers to Aalto University – congratulations to all!

Lauri Parkkonen and the family cat, Roosa. Photo: Lauri Parkkonen, Aalto, University.

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