More than one million euros in grants from the Finnish Cultural Foundation

At Aalto University, 41 individuals or working groups received grants for science or art from the Finnish Cultural Foundation - the big individual grants were allowed to Ari Seppälä and Antti Karttunen with their research groups
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At Aalto University, 41 individuals or working groups received grants for science or art from the Finnish Cultural Foundation. The total amount of grants awarded is 1,150,000 euros.

Among the recipients of large individual grants are Aalto University's assistant professor Antti Karttunen and researcher Ari Seppälä, both of whom received a grant of 200,000 euros with their work groups. The work of Antti Karttunen's research group focuses on how heat loss could be converted into electrical energy with the help of thin films produced in atomic layer deposition. Researcher Ari Seppälä and his team are studying a long-term heat storage material that would effectively preserve heat storage even in cold conditions.

The total funding awarded by the Finnish Cultural Fund from the October call was 31.5 million euros. The special-purpose grants of the application round were this time focused on the sciences: the major grants were allowed for research on ancient DNA and the development of new materials and technologies that accelerate the green transition. Of the awarded grant euros, sciences account for 61 percent and art for 38 percent.

For the list of Aalto University grantees, please see the article in Finnish.

Congratulations to all!

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Read the article on the work of Antti Karttunen and Maarit Karppinen and their research groups (> Finnish Cultural Foundation)


Photo: Valeria Azovskaya for Julie-Anne Gandier’s research Regenerating nature smart fabric

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