ModelCom project presentation to students

ModelCom project team presented to students of the Bachelor's programme in Chemical Engineering
Photo by Unto Rautio / Aalto University


In December 2021, members of the Multifunctional Materials Design research group presented their research work within the ModelCom project to the Bachelor's students in Chemical Engineering at Aalto University.

The students had prepared in advance a list of questions which they discussed with our project team during the meeting. Among the themes were, for example, current research topics and prospects for the future, what problems and challenges our research can solve, how sustainable development is taken into account, where we find inspiration and ideas for our research, etc. Besides answering the questions, our team members displayed slides devoted to the subject. 

It was a very fruitful discussion and a great opportunity to share expertise with those who might continue the research work in the future. Without doubt, becoming familiar with the topics that are of particular interest to students and the issues they are concerned with was highly beneficial to our project team. 

The students' coursework involved creating a poster about the project (please see the attachment below).

The meeting took place on 01.12.2021 online via Microsoft Teams.

Screenshots of the meeting

    Image: Aalto University, Giulnara Chinakaeva

    Jaana Vapaavuori clarifying the focus and goals of the research work || Image by Giulnara Chinakaeva / Aalto University

    Image: Aalto University, Giulnara Chinakaeva

    Maija Vaara and Pedro Silva explaining where inspiration for research comes from || Image by Giulnara Chinakaeva / Aalto University

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