Metsä Group donates 160 000 euros to Aalto University

The donation has been allocated to the field of technology within the framework of the Finnish government’s ongoing matching funding campaign. Aalto has decided to use the donation for research and education in chemical engineering.
Researcher at chemical engineering laboratory

Metsä Group is supporting research and education in technology, natural sciences, agriculture and forestry by donating a total of nearly one million euros to six Finnish universities.

’The high-quality research and education in universities provide the basis for the development of the entire forest industry. Ensuring future competence is very important to us’, says Ilkka Hämälä, President and CEO of Metsä Group.

’I would like to thank Metsä Group for their significant donation. We have decided to use the donation to support research and education in the field of chemical engineering, where we have already had productive collaboration with Metsä Group for a long time. Our collaboration is increasingly being focused on research and education that promotes sustainable development’, says Ilkka Niemelä, President of Aalto University.

Focus on sustainable development 

Aalto and Metsä Group have collaborated for a long time in the research of pulp and paper production. The focus of the collaboration has shifted increasingly to the research and development of sustainable pulp products and bio-based textile materials, including the collaboration in the ExpandFibre and FinnCERES competence centres. Education has always been an important part of the collaboration.

Metsä Group is also a significant employer of Aalto alumni and graduating students, as well as a significant provider of internships for students.

’Education and research of bioeconomy and circular economy have a very important role in the School of Chemical Engineering. Metsä Group's donation will benefit both our students and society as a whole, and will further strengthen this field that is quite significant for Finland. I am very happy with our long-term collaboration with Metsä Group and very grateful for this donation’, says Kristiina Kruus, Dean of the School of Chemical Engineering.

’Metsä Group supports our basic research. This research creates suitable conditions for the development of manufacturing technology and new bio-based products that protect the environment and save resources’, says Tapani Vuorinen, Professor of Wood Chemistry.

The impact of Metsä group's 160 000 euros donation will be further strengthened by the Finnish government's matching funding campaign, which will continue until the end of June 2022.

For further information:

Kristiina Kruus, Dean, Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering, [email protected],
telephone: +358 50 520 2471 
Teppo Heiskanen, Director, Advancement and Corporate Engagement, [email protected],
telephone: +358 50 363 3223


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