Mariana Amatullo appointed to Aalto University Board

Mikko Kosonen and Ilkka Kivimäki to continue for a new three-year term.

The Aalto University Academic Affairs Committee has appointed Professor, PhD (management) Mariana Amatullo as a new member of the Aalto University Board and PhD (Econ.) Mikko Kosonen and MSc Ilkka Kivimäki for a new three-year term as of 1 January 2022. The new member brings wide expertise of design and comprehensive international cooperation networks to the board.

Mariana Amatullo
Professor Mariana Amatullo. Photo: Tony di Zinno

Professor Mariana Amatullo is Vice Provost for Global Executive Education & Online Strategic Initiatives at the New School in New York and Associate Professor of Strategic Design & Management at the Parsons School of Design. Professor Amatullo serves as President of the CUMULUS International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media.

Professor Amatullo’s work combines practice, scholarship and strategic university management. Her main research areas are design for social innovation, design and organisational culture, design management, design and international development. Amatullo has pioneering experience of integrating the creative fields into international development programmes and executive education. She has extensive networks and wide experience in building partnerships between private sector, public sector and academic institutions globally and in the US.

The Academic Affairs Committee selected Mikko Kosonen and Ilkka Kivimäki, whose terms of office are ending, for a new term as of 1 January 2022. Mikko Kosonen has been acting as the Chair of Aalto University Board since 2019.

'Mikko Kosonen and Ilkka Kivimäki have made important contributions during their time on the board. It is a pleasure to announce that they will continue in their roles. Mariana Amatullo, with her strong experience and extensive networks, brings a new kind of expertise and vision to the board', remarks Professor Yrjö Neuvo, Chair of the Board Nomination Committee.

Stepping down from the board is Professor Liqiu Meng, who has been member of the Aalto University Board for three consecutive terms since the beginning of 2013. According to the Aalto University Foundation’s Constitution, she cannot thus be reappointed for a new term.

'Liqiu Meng has over the years had an invaluable contribution to Aalto University’s international development. Her wide experience of top universities in Europe and Asia and willingness to share her insights with everybody are highly appreciated by the whole Aalto community,' remarks Mikko Kosonen, Chair of the Board.

As of 1 January 2022, the Aalto University Board will comprise Mariana Amatullo, Sari Baldauf, Ilkka KivimäkiMikko Kosonen, Karel LuybenAndreas Mortensen and Susanna Pettersson.

More information:
Kristiina Mäkelä, Provost, Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee
+358 40 559 3454, [email protected]

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