MA Design students imagine jobs for the future

Inspired by the future, MA Design students put their minds to work to create job advertisements for the year 2030.

This year, Master of Arts students from the Department of Design were tasked in imagining design jobs for the future as a part of the Introduction to MA Studies course, led by professors Pirjo Kääriäinen, Andrea Botero, Marco Steinberg and teaching assistant Pragati Singhal. The students conceptualized new jobs that explored emerging competencies, skills and attitudes in the design world and also reflected on contemporary societal issues, worries and expectations. 

job poster for year 2030

OTHERFRAME, a cooperative of artisans, seeks a Design anthropologist

An artisans co-op is looking for a story-teller, fast-thinker and a planner to moderate design research sessions, synthesize findings and test on-site techniques alongside woodworkers. Otherframe is a cooperative of artisans from around the globe who work on developments in science and nature. 

job poster 2030

FEARTURISTIC, a studio creating new AI forms, seeks a Conversation designer

An AI studio is looking for a forward-thinking open and inclusive designer who is deeply passionate about exploring new and unknown areas of AI. Fearturistic is a team of designers, artists and programmers creating new forms of AI. 

job poster for 2030

GREENGLOBAL, a sustainable finance company run by AI, seeks a human

A sustainable finance company is looking for a human to collaborate with AI systems to develop their e-banking website and app, among other responsibilities. Greenbank Global is an AI-run sustainable finance company with a mission to create a better future.

job posters for 2030

IMAGINARY, a think tank focusing on strategic system design, seeks a Creative habitat director

A forward-thinking design group is looking for a Creative habitat director to run their Helsinki Central Park project, with a focus on ecosystem services, biodiversity and running a team. Imaginary’s mission is to create inclusive environments that prioritize multi-species habitats.

job poster for 2030

POTA, a company developing technologies for a cleaner ocean, seeks a Senior marine drone systems designer

A company developing technologies for a cleaner ocean is looking for a visionary designer to develop marine drones to combat marine pollution. POTA is dedicated to creating a cleaner, healthier ocean environment. 

job poster 2030

LIBR-E, a company developing tools for the multiverse, seeks a Digital twin designer

A company representing freedom in the Multiverse is look for a collaborative designer for their team. LIBR-E is a team of professionals who help develop yourself in the Multiverse without limits of materiality.

job poster 2030

NOODLE NIRVANA, company crafting 3D printed pasta creation, seeks a Biomaterial designer

A sustainable pasta company is looking for a designer to enhance the quality and sustainability of their pasta products. Noodle Nirvana is dedicated to using locally sourced biomaterials and cutting-edge 3D printing techniques to create a greener culinary future.

job poster 2030

FUTUREFORM, a design company, seeks a Techno-Design director

A design powerhouse is looking for a designer to lead their multidisciplinary tech-design team in bridging the gap between aesthetics and technology. Futureform prides itself in pushing the boundaries to reinvent businesses and customer experiences.

job poster 2030

ARVO, a company empowering the elderly to remain independent, seeks an Empathic designer

A tech company specializing in the senior community is looking for an empathetic and innovative designer to transform elderly care. ARVO’s mission is to keep the elderly community as independent as possible with the help of cutting-edge technology.

job poster 2030

JOUKOHAINEN, a Finnish clothing company together with SPACEDYNAMICS a space travel agency, are seeking a Product mediator

A Finnish clothing company and travel agency are looking for a product mediator to facilitate co-design collaboration. Joukahainen is a traditional Finnish clothing company with a mission to provide clothing to humans and more-than-humans in an ever-changing world. Spacedynamics is an international space travel agency.

job poster 2030

DOOMSDAY SOLUTIONS, an innovation lab for shelter design, seeks a Fallout shelter design lead

A shelter design lab is looking for a resilient design lead to take ownership over their modular shelters projects. Doomsday Solutions believes that everyone should have access to luxury doomsday accommodations.

job poster 2030

UNIPET, a company developing human-animal communication solutions, seeks a BAAH language design specialist

A company developing human-animal communication is looking for a language design specialist to collaborate with others in envisioning a world where the animal kingdom can express themselves. Unipet have designed collars for dogs and cats to help them express personality traits, habits and preferences.

Intro to MA Studies MUO-E0020 clarifies the offering, pedagogies and mindset of the master studies in design and prepares the students for the shift in the study objectives from undergraduate to master studies. Contact teaching and assignments structure students' learning about their own goals and orientations in design, and in relation to future societal needs.

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