Let’s all be Urban Miners!

Do you have an old, redundant cell phone at home? It won’t matter if it is broken, you can still bring it to IT Service Desk to be recycled!
Vanhat kännykät

Have you heard about urban mining?

It is about collecting all precious and rare materials from unwanted, used devices instead of mining them from the earth. We all can be urban miners by recycling our old cell phones. Almost 99% of phone materials can be recycled: for example gold, silver, copper, nickel and cobalt. Those metals could be used again as a raw material for new equipments. Also, cell phones can include environmentally hazardous raw materials, so they should not be disposed with mixed waste.

So bring you old phone(s) and battery chargers to Aalto IT Service Desk! From IT Service Desk the phones will be delivered to Kuusakoski Oy as “information secure electric waste” to be dismantled and processed into raw materials. Stages in the recycling of electrical equipment include briefly the sorting of plastics and the recovery of metals.

Before you bring your device, hard reset the phone and remove all memory cards, SIM card etc. If the phone is broken and won’t turn on, you can bring it as such. If needed, you will get help from the Service Desk to erase all your information from your phone securely.

Photo: Mikko Raskinen

New ways to utilize old cell phones as they are and also to increase recycling rate will be thought over. Professor of Aalto University Ari Jokilaakso has suggested, for example, a gage system to old phones. Read more on why recycling old phones is important 

Photo by Mikko Raskinen / Aalto University

The phone recycling locations 

IT Service Desk Kandi (Undergraduate Centre) 
Visiting address: Otakaari 1M, room U133a 
Opening hours: 

  • Mon - Wed and Friday 9 - 11 and 12 – 15 
  • Thursday 9 - 10 and 12 - 15 

IT Service Desk Väre (Väre building) 
Visiting address: Otaniementie 14, room R101 
Opening hours: 

  • Mon - Wed and Friday 9 - 11 and 12 – 15 
  • Thursday 9 - 10 and 12 – 15 
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