Languages, culture and communication courses starting in period V

The full list of courses is available in Sisu, but here are some recommendations.
Please note that your course registration in Sisu can only be accepted when you add a course to your personal study plan (HOPS) or update the version (Note: if you update the version of a course after you have already registered (enrolled) to participate in it, you will need to re-register for the course).

Courses in Intercultural Communication open to all students

LC-0610 Intercultural Communication 25.4.-8.6.

Communication and social interaction

LC-0340 Communication Competence in the Workplace (In Finnish), 22.5.-30.5.

LC-0224 Negotiation Skills (In Finnish), 26.4.-17.5. 

LC-0320 Public Speaking Skills (In Finnish), 5.5.-2.6.

LC-0520 Impact and argumentation (In English), 21.4.-26.5.

LC-0450 Speak with Expertise (in Finnish), 5.6.–9.6.2023

All courses are very practical with lots of exercises. Welcome!


LC-2300 Introduction to Hispanic Cultures, 24.4.- 5.6.2023

LC-2320 Spanish 2, 24.4.-7.6.2023 ja 25.4.- 6.6.2023

LC-2380 Spanish 8 (o,w), 24.4.- 5.6.2023


LC-9020 Chinese 2, 20.4.-1.6.2023


LC-6310 German 1,  18.4.- 25.5.2023


Contact teaching courses can also be completed as a hybrid in Zoom.

LC-8502 Russian 2 - Online Revision Course (independent study), 24.4.- 4.6.2023

LC-8577 Russian 7 (o,w), 24.4.- 5.6.2023


LC-4002 French in a Nutshell,17.4.- 28.5.2023

LC-4320 French 2, 24.4.- 9.6.2023

LC-4330 French 3, 24.4.- 9.6.2023

LC-4350 French 5 (o,w), 26.4.-7.6.2023


LC-5552 Online course in Swedish

LC-5410 Swedish for technology (H19/SCI-TIK, H20/all Aalto schools)

LCB-5800 Swedish Business Communication 

Note: Swedish on offer in June, too, for students of all Aalto schools (taught via Zoom)
LC-5410 Swedish for technology, LCA-5703 Writing and Talking about Art in Swedish, LCB-5800 Swedish Business Communication,  

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