Languages, culture and communication courses starting in period I

The full list of courses is available in Sisu, but here are some recommendations.
Please note that your course registration in Sisu can only be accepted when you add a course to your personal study plan (HOPS) or update the version (Note: if you update the version of a course after you have already registered (enrolled) to participate in it, you will need to re-register for the course).


Communication interaction

Warmly welcome to the courses in communication and interaction during the 1st period! If you're interested in honing your argumentation or presentation skills in depth, we have a course on argumentation skills in Finnish and two public speaking skills courses available, one in Finnish (4th Sept- 9th Oct) and one in English  (5th Sept- 12th Oct). All our communication and interaction courses arevery much hands-on work and interactive!


English courses for ARTS students

LCA-1001 Expressing your idea 7.9.- 17.10.2023

English courses for Master's students

Are you a master's student who has not done their bachelor's degree in Finland and need to fulfil your compulsory language requirement? Then this course is for you! Note that both on campus and Zoom groups are available.

LC-1310 Academic Communication for MSc students(CHEM, ENG, ELEC, SCI students only)


LC-6372 German 7b 

Intercultural Communication 

LC-0610 Intercultural Communication 6.9.-18.10.2023

This course is for all those who want to build up critical awareness and effective communication skills to become an ethical intercultural communicator working in a diverse workplace.


All Russian courses in  2023-2024  will be offered as hybrid teaching, so you can participate on campus or via Zoom. 

LC-8511 Russian 1 

LC-8533 Russian 3

LC-8555 Russian 5 


LC-2310 Spanish 1 (Note that the teaching language in this group is Finnish. There will groups in periods II, III, IV that will be taught in English)

LC-2320 Spanish 2 (Note that the teaching language in this group is Finnish. There will groups in periods II, III, IV and V that will be taught in English)

LC-2330 Spanish 3



From the first period onwards, you can study Swedish for the needs of working life. Choose the study method that suits you best and learn how to communicate in Swedish. Vi ses på kurserna!

If you have Finnish as your mother tongue/school education language you can start by taking an entry-level test to identify the right course and study method for you.

You can find the test in MyCourses by using search words "ruotsin lähtötasotesti + ENG, CHEM, ELEC, SCI, ARTS tai BIZ" depending on your field of study.

Two period courses, test result 16–24

FLEX groups for students with identified learning challenges, e.g. dyslexia or anxiousness related to group situations and speaking in public etc.

One period course, test result 25+

Courses for all Aalto-students


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