Jubilee issue of Aalto Magazine out now

The just-published Aalto University Magazine 13 celebrates the five-year journey of Aalto University.

In the article Openings, President Tuula Teeri rejoices in the achievements of the University and notes that we are now halfway on the road to the goals set for 2020.

The main article features School of Business professors Sixten Korkman, Pertti Haaparanta and Matti Pohjola, who talk about how the various schools of thought and theories of economics influence economic policy in practice. Professor Vesa Puttonen also talks about his experiences as an economic policy pundit in the media.

The illustration of this issue's cover and main article are the work of Master of Arts Ida Wikström, who just received the silver medal in Grafia's the Best of Finnish Advertising and Design 2014 competition.

The alumnus interview in the Who column focuses on Hannu Kauppinen, who heads Nokia Labs, the research centre of Nokia's Technologies business area. High achievers Miki Kuusi, Satu Maaranen and Sonja Heikkilä recount their careers, which have catapulted these young people to the global stage.
This issue also showcases professors Risto Ilmoniemi, Riitta Hari and Riitta Salmelin, some of Aalto's top researchers, who have pushed the boundaries of fields like brain imaging and neural science. Recent projects in art and design are described by Documentary Film Professor Susanna Helke and product service systems expert, Associate Professor Tuuli Mattelmäki.

This issue is all in Finnish, as an English-language version will be published later in May.

Aalto University Magazine is distributed at the campuses of Aalto University. A facsimile edition is available at

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