'It was great to be part of the research team' - The semiconductor industry’s summer job program was a success

Donations from companies in the semiconductor industry enabled students Niko Lindh and Adrián Gutiérrez Cruz to get summer jobs with Aalto University research groups
Micronova on Suomen kansallinen mikro- ja nanotekniikan alan tutkimusinfrastruktuuri, joka on VTT:n ja Aalto-yliopiston yhteisomistuksessa.
Micronova is a part of the research infrastructure in the Finnish field of micro and nanotechnology that is owned jointly by VTT and Aalto University. The space is also actively used by companies in the semiconductor field. Photo: Aalto University

The semiconductor industry is a sector that is growing rapidly with investments, boosting demand for skilled professionals. Donations from companies in the field - Picosun, an Applied Materials Company, Okmetic, Murata Electronics, and KYOCERA Tikitin - enabled Aalto University to offer 12 summer jobs to students. The students had the chance to enhance their skills in research groups of the School of Electrical Engineering and the School of Chemical Engineering.

Versatile Career Paths for Future Experts

Altti Torkkeli (Fellow, Research & Development) at Murata Electronics states that the aim of the donation is to help the European Union reach the goal of increasing semiconductor production by 20 percent by 2030. This implies a five-fold increase in current production. Torkkeli also expresses the desire to familiarise students with the field.

'Semiconductors are much more than just microchips. They are used in various forms almost everywhere there is electricity or light, although people seldom consider this in their everyday lives. Not enough people are aware that Finland has companies in the semiconductor field which rank at the top of their sector, and whose Finnish-manufactured semiconductor materials or components can be found, for example, in cars worldwide,' he explains.

According to Torkkeli, the semiconductor field offers career paths that are both international and versatile. Constant development and investments in the field are leading to a significant growth in the demand for experts in Finland as well. 

'Students can take part in promoting digital transformation and search for solutions to global challenges, such as climate change and the green transition. Career paths can be built in various technical, productive, and commercial specialisations, including supervisory roles. For example, students can find their places working with silicon wafers, sensors, or in process and device development,' Torkkeli adds.

Interesting summer work was highly educational

Niko Lindh is one of the Aalto University students hired to work in the research groups. In the summer of 2023, he worked in the research group of Professor Sami Franssila, developing micro- and nanomanufacturing processes for use in liquid, chemical, biological, mechanical, and thermal devices. Lindh remarks that working in the research group was unlike any of his previous jobs. He had the opportunity to use a wide range of processing and measurement tools designed for microfabrication and chemical work. He is confident that these new experiences will prove valuable in his future professional tasks and in writing his master's thesis. 'I was given considerable freedom in planning schedules, which was in itself a valuable thing to learn, as the ability to work independently and plan tasks is one of the most important skills an engineer can possess,' Niko states.

Student Adrián Gutiérrez Cruz worked in the research group of Professor Caterina Soldano, who conducts research on materials and organic devices for the development of electronics for the next generation. Gutiérrez Cruz found his work in the research group to be very rewarding. He states that the best part was applying theoretical knowledge to find solutions to scientific challenges. 

'I was able to apply information that I had learned previously to solving actual scientific problems. I enjoyed being part of a team of researchers, engaging in inspiring discussions, sharing my own findings, and learning from the other researchers,' he reflects. 

Both of them encourage other students to apply for work in research groups if similar opportunities arise. 

'The summer job with the research group was an interesting and unique experience which allowed us to challenge ourselves and learn many things. Additionally, for those who are interested in academic careers, the work provides a brilliant opportunity to experience what work might be like in the future,' Niko Lindh concludes. 

'In a research group, participants get to be part of a communal and intellectually stimulating environment. Close cooperation with experts in the field develops both academic and professional skills,' adds Adrián Gutiérrez Cruz.

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SemiSummer2023 Kampanja banneri

Semiconductor sector summer jobs open in research groups

The growth of the semiconductor sector and its investments in Finland are also increasing the need for skilled personnel. Thanks to a donation from four semiconductor companies Picosun, an Applied Materials Company, Okmetic, Murata, and KYOCERA Tikitin. Aalto University will offer exciting summer jobs in the School of Electrical Engineering and the School of Chemical Engineering in the summer of 2023. Semi-Summer 2023 Programme will provide an opportunity to gain the skills needed in a growing and international field.

Opiskelija Niko Lindh.

Student Niko Lindh: The importance of semiconductor technology is emphasised from the beginning of studies

Niko Lindh, who is studying in the Functional Materials major, will be working in a research group at the Department of Chemistry and Materials Science during the summer. He believes that the experience in research work will be beneficial for his future career.

Adrian Gutierrez Cruz

Adrián Gutiérrez Cruz: Specialising in semiconductor industry will open doors for future career opportunities

This summer, student Adrián Gutiérrez Cruz is working at the Organic Electronics research group. Since his background is primarily related to material science and chemistry, he is particularly interested in gaining experience and knowledge in the electronic aspects of the semiconductor technology field.

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