Interactive guide on services for research and innovation

Researcher at Aalto University, would you like to know which kind of services are available to support you? Look no further, an easy-to-use interactive guide is now available in Workday!
Phone, laptop, people. Photo: Unto Rautio / Aalto University
Screenshot of the interactive guide

Introductory "training" material on research and innovation services, aimed at researchers at Aalto University,  is found in Workday at$56/rel-task/2998$29489.htmld 

For any newcomers as well as more seasoned Aalto personnel this is a nice way to get an overview of the services. It features, for example, services for externally funded research projects, open science, research data management, research ethics and research integrity, library services, support for collaboration within Aalto or with external partners, support for innovations, and IT services for research.

Additionally you can always resort to our service catalogue and list of contact persons at

Screenshot of the interactive guide
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