Indoor environment notifications via webform

After 6th September 2021, indoor environment notifications regarding Otaniemi, Töölö and Metsähovi buildings should be done via webform in Aalto University Campus & Real Estate (ACRE) homepage

Small, non-urgent service requests (such as broken lights) should still be made at Granlund Manager service portal. But after 6th September 2021 notifications regarding indoor conditions (temperature, lighting, indoor air quality etc.) should be made via 

Webform on ACRE's webpage

Choose "indoor environment notification" from the drop down menu. 
The notifications made on the form creates a service request, which is primarily handled by ACRE's indoor conditions expert and Aalto University's occupational health and safety specialist. A detailed process has been established to deal with anomalies related to indoor conditions.

More guidelines and information about indoor conditions is collected here

More information:

Tiina Okkonen

Erityisasiantuntija, työsuojelu

Processing of indoor environment anomaly

Indoor environment anomalies are processed the following way.

Aalto University
Harald Herlin -oppimiskeskus

Service requests for property maintenance

The Granlund Manager software is used to manage property maintenance.

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