Heli Rekula appointed Vice Dean at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Heli Rekula's area of responsibility is art and creative practices.
Heli Rekula
Photo: Patrick Rastenberger

Visual artist Heli Rekula, who has been Senior University Lecturer in Photography at the Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture since 2015, has been appointed as the new Vice Dean for art and creative practices at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. In addition to her teaching activities, Ms Rekula has been actively involved in artistic work both nationally and internationally. 

Prior to Aalto University, Rekula was Professor of Photography at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design (today known as University of Bergen, Faculty of Fine Arts, Music and Design). She has been awarded the Ars Fennica Award for Photography, the Finnish State Prize for Photographic Art and the Finnish Art Society's Literature Award. Rekula works with a variety of media and materials - but with photographic thinking at the heart of everything.  

"Art and design are of enormous importance in today's ecological, political and social situation. Their role is to open up thinking and also to change practices towards a better future. In my role as Vice Dean, I want to promote awareness and understanding of the importance of our disciplines. My extensive networks in the arts, both in Finland and in the Nordic countries, will certainly be of benefit to the school," says Heli Rekula. 

As Vice Dean, Heli Rekula is responsible for the development of artistic and creative practices. The Vice Dean is appointed by the Rector of Aalto University on the recommendation of the Dean.

The term of office of the Vice Dean started on 1 Novermber 2022 and runs until the end of the Dean's term of office on 31 August 2024. Rasmus Vuori will continue as Vice Dean for Education. Turkka Keinonen will continue as Vice Dean for Research and Impact. 

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