Five tips for a happier life

Wise decisions can’t be made without taking other people and the broader context into account.
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Illustration: Milja Komulainen
  1. Look for the hidden good in people. Your own attitude affects how situations appear to you ― and how you appear to others.
  2. Take charge of your own life by listening to the voice of your heart through deeper reflection ― delving into what you know is right. A gloomy atmosphere might feel real, but there's always a way out towards something more positive.
  3. Regularly switch off performance mode. Pick up a random book, have a chat with a friend or work colleague, or go for a walk. Allow your mind to wander  without the pressure to achieve or perform, and new ideas will start to flow.
  4. Wise decisions can’t be made without taking other people and the broader context into account. Everyone benefits if you show interest, ask questions, examine alternatives and keep things in perspective.
  5. Love your loved ones. Open up channels for kindness in your daily life by daring to believe that good will prevail.

Professor of Applied Philosophy Esa Saarinen

From clean energy to personalized medicine – a new book about the power of the university

The Aalto Effect is a tribute to the ambitious and uncompromising work of dozens of researchers.

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