Fabian and Jaakko Ahvenainen Foundation grants awarded for 2021

The foundation awarded nine grants for 2021, worth 26 000 euros in total.

The Fabian and Jaakko Ahvenainen Foundation of the Aalto University School of Engineering awarded master's theses in the field of bridge engineering or in the field of structural engineering and building physics completed in 2020 and awarded grants to support postgraduate studies at Aalto University.

The grants of EUR 3 000 were awarded in the field of structural engineering and building physics to Malin Emet,  M.Sc. (Tech.) and in the field of bridge engineering to Mariia Martus, M.Sc. (Tech.),and Jami Qvisén, M.Sc. (Tech.).

The grants of EUR 2 500 were awarded in the field of structural engineering and building physics to Jessica Gripenberg, M.Sc. (Tech.), Lukas Kotrbaty, M.Sc. (Tech.), and Julia Rahkonen, M.Sc. (Tech.), and in the field of bridge engineering to Vladimir Lopatinski, M.Sc. (Tech.) . 

Doctoral student Yifu Lan, M.Sc. (Eng), was awarded an incentive grant of EUR 3 000 to support the early stages of his postgraduate studies at Aalto University in the field of bridge engineering.

Doctoral student Klaus Viljanen, M.Sc. (Tech.), received a EUR 4 000 incentive grant to support the completion of his doctoral studies in the field of structural engineering and building physics.

Congratulations to all grant recipients!

Malin Emet

Post-tensioned pile slab made of steel fibre reinforced concrete

My master’s thesis investigates the combination of post-tensioning and steel-fibre reinforcement for the construction of pile slabs. Both methods are separately used in Finland, but a combined method is still unexplored. A combination would lead to a more optimized structure, as the post-tensioning increases the span lengths and the steel-fibre reinforcement reduces the need for rebar reinforcement. 

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Mariia Martus

Calculation tool for estimation of the material properties of glulam beams with known layout

Finite element model for glued laminated beams with well-known material properties was established. Load bearing capacity, failure initiation location and progressing cracking pattern were simulated using Monte-Carlo method and compared with test values. It was found that lamination effect should be additionally considered in exploited lamination strength model for better strength prediction. 

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Jami Qvisén

Standardized bridge weigh-in-motion data and its applications in bridge engineering

Bridge Weigh-in-Motion (B-WIM) is method to measure information, such as weights, from moving vehicles by using bridge as a weighing instrument. It has large potential in bridge designing, but lack of standardized data format hinders its use. This thesis suggests a new standardized format to present the data and the benefits of it in form of a fatigue case study for orthotropic bridge deck.

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Jessica Gripenberg

Evaluation of bending stiffness for reinforced concrete beams supporting the raised base floor of a tall building

In my master thesis, I evaluate the calculated bending stiffness for reinforced concrete beams using a case study. The bending behaviour of the beam is studied by comparing the calculated deflection to the actual deflection measured at the site. The difference between the calculated and the measured deflection is analysed and factors affecting the bending behaviour are studied.

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Vladimir Lopatinski

Vortex induced vibrations in high-rise buildings

Focus of the thesis is on the vibration in across-wind direction in tall buildings. The focus is on evaluating acceleration and comfort for habitats. In the thesis various tools are presented to identify risk areas at the beginning of the project. Estimation approaches are international standards recommendations and 2D and 3D finite element methods.

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Lukas Kotrbaty

Analysis of Lateral Load Transfer from Intermediate Floor to Shear Walls in Multi-story Timber Modular Buildings using 2D FEM

Within this work, the lateral load distribution from intermediate floor to shear walls in multi-story timber modular buildings is analyzed by 2D FEM. The method is applied in a real project and its results are compared with the results of other methods, which are commonly used in stability design. Furthermore, various factors affecting the load distribution in these buildings are studied.

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Julia Rahkonen

Cylindrical post-tensioned concrete tanks: Structural analysis utilizing a parametric design model.

The main goal of the research was to implement parametric design for the structural analysis of cylindrical post-tensioned concrete tanks. As a result of the thesis, an algorithm was created that generates an automated calculation model for a cylindrical water tank based on user’s input parameters. Furthermore, the algorithm was used to solve a case study concerning the correlation between the tendon spacing and the hoop stress distribution in a wall section.

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Yifu Lan

My research aims at developing a new approach of machine learning based Bridge damage detection using Drive-by inspection method. This approach allows the potential damage to be localized and quantified accurately via vehicle responses. Compared with the conventional damage detection methods, this approach can provide advantages in simplicity, robustness, economy and efficiency, and can be applied widely to the Structural Health Monitoring problems.

Klaus Viljanen

The doctoral study evaluates the hygric performance of modern highly insulated external envelopes. The mainly experimental work aims to resolve whether the increase in the level of thermal insulation of buildings changes the hygrothermal performance of the structures and to present solutions promoting the moisture safety of modern energy efficient buildings.

Fabian and Jaakko Ahvenainen Fund

The Fabian and Jaakko Ahvenainen Fund awards grants and recognition awards annually to Master's degree students and post-graduate students of the Aalto University School of Engineering as well as persons who recently completed their Master's or postgraduate degrees and familiarized with bridge engineering or structural engineering and building physics in their studies at Aalto University.

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