Experiencing the Helsinki winter has been magical for exchange student Andrea Moglianesi

Although pandemic restrictions have made studying harder, Andrea has managed to have a good study experience in Aalto.
Exchange student Andrea Moglianesi In Lofoten mountains
Andrea made a trip to Norway from Finland in October

Andrea Moglianesi is an exchange student from Politecnico di Torino, Italy, where he is studying Energy Engineering. In Aalto, Andrea studies in Advanced Energy Solutions programme for ten months. During the Autumn semester 2020 he completed his courses and now he is conducting his Master’s thesis. He has been living in Helsinki area for the time of his exchange.  

How has the remote studying been during the pandemic times?

It has been hard, but thanks to professors’ availability and flexibility, we managed to have a good study experience.

Could you describe your regular day as an exchange student?

The regular day is really dependent on the lessons schedule and assignments’ deadlines, but is developed around the equilibrium between study and free time (spent both with friends and doing sports or outdoor activities).

Do you have any hobbies or are you taking part in any extra-curricular activities?

During my exchange, I had the opportunity to take up different sport activities: I started playing volleyball, and, since restrictions became stricter, bouldering. I also love hiking, and here in Helsinki you can do that even very close to the city.

What is the best thing about your exchange?

The light in Helsinki during winter is amazing, and the short days relax you so much. Obviously, I also had the opportunity to meet lots of people, to travel, to see the Northern Lights, but the normality of Helsinki during winter is really magic.

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