Estoril Conferences: Together for a future of hope

Estoril Conferences join forces with CEMS and McKinsey & Company to amplify the intergenerational dialogue on global challenges and engage with the Purpose Generation worldwide
Photo from CEMS MIM graduation.
The Estoril Conferences in 2022 will allow a reflection upon the world’s current situation, an analysis of its complexity, and discuss feasible solutions that we could implement to make the world a better place. Photo: CEMS MIM graduation in Aalto in 2021

The Estoril Conferences are an international platform that, since 2009, has brought to Portugal some of the most well-known world and national leaders to debate global issues. With over 9 000 participants, from 100 different nationalities, and more than 300 world-renowned speakers, the Estoril Conferences have encompassed several Nobel Prize laureates and more than 30 current and former Heads of State to debate global issues under the umbrella “Global Challenges, Local Answers”. More than a decade later, the Estoril Conferences have become one of the most renowned events in Portugal and have moved the debates far beyond the Portuguese borders.

CEMS & McKinsey & Company Partnership

Now partnering with CEMS – The Global Alliance in Management Education –and McKinsey & Company a program is designed to transform knowledge into action, by engaging with the Purpose Generation. CEMS, which comprises the top business schools around the world, is the Estoril Conferences' Strategic Partner, while McKinsey & Company, the world's leading management consulting firm, is its Knowledge Partner.

With the support of these two organizations, the 7th Edition of the Estoril Conferences organized on 1–2 September 2022 will become a global conference encompassing the academic world, led by Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE), “to give stage to the Purpose Generation, and all who want to change and impact the world, to contribute to possible solutions to the world’s most urgent challenges, towards a sustainable and inclusive common future”, as expressed by Daniel Traça, Nova SBE’s Dean.

Aalto University School of Business to organize a panel discussion on Climate & Action

The conference sets the stage for interactive global discussions – a call to action for leading Business Schools worldwide, as independent institutions, to set the tone and lead the way forward to transform our societies. CEMS and Nova SBE, the CEMS Member School for Portugal and one of the Business Schools in the alliance with the biggest student cohort, are united by a shared mission of developing and training the leaders of tomorrow.

CEMS and Nova SBE have come together with the Estoril Conferences to engage the Purpose Generation and inspire them to raise an active and global community of citizens, impassioned to take action and push the world forward.

‘We are looking forward to extending our network through a collaboration with Estoril Conferences to promote an open and impactful dialogue on global challenges and to engage with the changemakers of tomorrow,’ as highlighted by Greg Whitwell, CEMS Chair and Dean of the University of Sydney Business School.

The 7th Edition of the Estoril Conferences will be held in several locations (and broadcasted online). While the main conference will take place on September 1 and 2, 2022, in Portugal, at Nova SBE’s Carcavelos Campus, parallel joint-events will take place on the same dates in other CEMS schools with live virtual interactions:

  • Aalto University School of Business: dedicated panel focused on “Climate & Action”
  • London School of Economics (United Kingdom): 1-day event dedicated to “Purpose & Economy”
  • Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia): 2-day event covering the Estoril Conferences' program

‘We will have outstanding experts addressing the topic of Climate & Action in the parallel session on Aalto campus on Thursday, September 1st.  It will be a hybrid onsite and online event, more information will be available in early summer,’ tells Professor Hannu Seristö from the School of Business.

Additionally, other CEMS schools are collaborating to expand engagement within their local and global communities. These include SGH Warsaw School of Economics (Poland), Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands), Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden) and Ivey Business School (Canada).

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