DIEM welcomes its researchers and doctoral candidates

The most recent DIEM international researchers come from Spain, Romania, South Korea and the USA. Who are they and how do they experience Finland?

We met two of our current Postdoc researchers, Eui Ju Jeon and Roxana Turturea, as well as our two visiting doctoral candidates Rubén Vicente-Sáez and Zhouyu (Joy) Wu, and asked them these three questions:

1. Your academic background in a nutshell
2. Your research focus
3. Yur expectations of your stay at Aalto University and Finland

Eui Ju Jeon

South Korea
Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Strategy and Venturing

1. I received my Ph.D. in Strategic Management from HEC Paris. I received my MSc in Technology Policy from Seoul National University and BSc in Industrial Engineering from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. 

2. My research is focused on studying how corporate governance and organizational design influence firms' technology-sourcing decisions in the context of corporate venture capital. More specifically, I investigate how institutional ownership and organizational integration affect the firms' corporate venture capital investment decisions, their follow-on decisions to make alliances with startups or to acquire them, and decisions to abandon their investments.

3. I am delighted to join the Strategy and Venturing group at Aalto University. In particular, I appreciate the group's collegial and collaborative atmosphere. I expect to advance my research as far as I can and achieve meaningful outcomes. Moreover, I would like to explore and learn more about the Finnish culture and history. 

Roxana Turturea

Postdoctoral Researcher

1. I am a Postdoc in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (DIEM) at Aalto University School of Science.  I did my doctoral studies at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, and was a visiting scholar at Kelley School of Business, Indiana University. 

2. My research  lies at the intersection of entrepreneurship and strategy. My main research interest is  entrepreneurial finance, with topics ranging from initial public offerings to crowdfunding. Theory-wise, I build on multiple perspectives, such as signaling,  persuasion and  heuristic-decision-making, to explain the behavior of entrepreneurs and investors in financing decision-making contexts. Practice-wise, I hope my research could help entrepreneurs raise financing for innovative, or high-impact ventures, and support investors in identifying attractive investment opportunities. 

3. I am excited to join the Aalto community and hope many great research projects, collaborations and new friendships will  develop during my stay at Aalto!

Zhouyu (Joy) Wu

Ph.D. Student

1. I am a 3rd-year PhD student in Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. Prior to my doctoral studies, I was an economic consultant working on patent infringement cases in telecommunications industries. I received my B.A. in economics from the University of Chicago in 2012. 

2. My research interests are in (1) innovation, technology, and intellectual property and (2) behavioral and experimental economics. My current projects explore behavioral questions in data-sharing and intellectual property transactions. I hope to shed-light on the frictions and barriers that exist in the information goods market.

3. I am currently working with the SimLab team on pilot studies and surveys for a data-sharing experiment. I look forward to collaborating and gaining valuable insights from the Aalto academic community. My research is still in very early, exploratory stages, and the environment at Aalto is a perfect place to disseminate and brainstorm ideas for cutting-edge research. 

Rubén Vicente-Sáez

Ph.D. Student

1. I am currently doing a PhD in Business Management on the impact of Open Science on the Innovation Ecosystems, at the University of Valencia. I hold a Master's Degree in Creating and Managing Innovative and Technology-based Companies, from the University of Barcelona, the Grenoble School of Business Diploma, with a specialization in Innovation Management, and a Degree in Business Administration, from the University of Valencia.

2. Open Science is a disruptive phenomenon. Open Science practices such as open data tools, open access platforms or open research methods are irreversible trends that are impacting all scientific actors. They have the potential to accelerate the research cycle.  But do we know how these practices are impacting in our innovation ecosystems? What are the opportunities and challenges? My research aims to contribute bridging the gap on how to transform Open Science into Open Innovation.

3.I believe in an Open Society, a creative-knowledge society, with critical-minded men and women, in which interdisciplinary and diversity would be the key elements for the creation of economic, social and human value.  A society driven by the ability to constantly renew itself through cooperation between Sciences, Arts, Technology and Culture. For this reason, I wanted to join Aalto University and give the best of myself to the service of the modernization of the education (Open Education), research (Open Science) and innovation (Open Innovation) systems, the first step towards the construction of the Open Society. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams".

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