Department of Design well established in the Global Grad Show in Dubai

Four projects from the Department of Design have been curated to be exhibited at the Global Grad Show 13-18 November 2017 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture received an invitation to the Global Grad Show, presenting design and innovation. This year’s Global Grad Show represents 92 of the world’s best design schools from 43 countries on six continents. It is an exhibition of groundbreaking works presenting 200 graduate projects grouped under the themes of Connect, Empower and Sustain. Since launching in 2015, the show has grown to become the world’s largest student gathering, and it is held each year as part of Dubai Design Week.

"Just a beautiful design is not the focus in this context. Rather the works chosen for the exhibition always have a wider social, inclusive, ecological, ethical or economical framework," explains lecturer Simo Puintila from Aalto University. Although the name of the show is Global Grad Show, works do not necessarily have to be graduate projects.

"The show focuses on the innovativeness of design and its impressive presentation, so in addition to a physical prototype it is often necessary to have a functional model to present or test a project. All our chosen works are well designed projects, whose prototypes have also been implemented”, Puintila says. 

Department of Design projects in the Global Grad Show

Cellpod - Niko Räty

Co-Life - Tuomas Burakowski & Tuomas Jussila

Portable delivery stool - Amar Shaw

Sauna Habits - Marina Baranova

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