Contribute to the Dipoli Living Room Housewarming

There is an accumulative exhibition project going on in Dipoli that grows across three weeks, until October 27.
Dipoli Living Room exhibition, 2017. Installation view. Image courtesy of Katie Lenanton.

The idea of the Dipoli Living Room is that the university community collectively builds the exhibition by bringing along objects that represent their research. Curator Katie Lenanton, who is behind the idea and the exhibition, welcomes everyone to join the project. She invites people to bring along an object, publication, award or something else that represents their research. Video and other digital content is also welcome. Each item will be installed in a domestic setting, and presented to visitors alongside an information text. At the conclusion of the exhibition, all items will be professionally photographed and returned to their owner.

“The idea is that the exhibition starts as a shell, growing over its duration, so it will be at its fullest on the final day. All are welcome to nurture the exhibition together and show what’s being produced from the great minds in the Aalto University community”, Lenanton says. Lenanton herself works on site daily from 12-16, collecting objects and talking to their creators. Items can also be dropped off to the Dipoli Info Desk from 8am-10pm.

Date: October 4-27, 2017
Venue: Dipoli Exhibition Space
More information: [email protected].


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