Chemical engineering at Aalto University among the best one hundred

The place in the NTU field of Engineering ranking the best in Finland.

Aalto University's places in the ranking by National Taiwan University (NTU) improved. The comparison is based on the publication and citation data on research activity recorded in the Thomson Reuters Web of Science database, with an emphasis on data from the two latest years.

The NTU ranking lists fields of science and special subjects within them.  Aalto University was ranked 125th in the field of Engineering; the previous year it was ranked 143rd. The field of Engineering is further divided into comparisons in special subjects, in which all Aalto University was the best university in Finland. Chemical Engineering ranked best with its 95th place. Computer Science was ranked 116th, and Aalto University was the best Nordic University in this subject. Materials Science ranked 125th and Mechanical Engineering 144th. In the subject-specific ranking in the field of Natural Sciences, physics at Aalto University was ranked 174th.

Aalto University placed 365th in the overall ranking. The NTU ranking has been published since 2007.

Depending on the way calculated, there are between 17 000 and 22 000 universities in the world. Aalto University is specialised in technology, business and arts, and company cooperation is important to the university. The most relevant rankings are the field- or subject-specific ones: they are better than general rankings in describing the university's area of activity.

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