Chem Awards 2023 have been chosen

The School of Chemical Engineering rewards outstanding individuals and teams during the year. This year, we placed special emphasis on supporting our school's core functions.
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Teaching Act – Anna Klemettinen ja Tapani Vuorinen

The Teaching Act is awarded in recognition of teaching that has a positive impact on students’ learning, well-being, satisfaction, and academic success, as well as the development of attractive curricula.

This year’s Teaching act is awarded for developing student centered and learning centered teaching.

Anna has a brave and curious attitude towards teaching. Her work on creating new types of courses is based on an extremely proactive way of using student feedback. Anna has taken a major role in developing Sustainable Metals Processing student - teacher community. 

Tapani is a helpful, dedicated, and excellent teacher. He has a strong role in educational development, creating new courses and creating new educational openings e.g., BSc programme and CHEMARTS minor. Tapani has built a strong connection of theory and industrial practice.

Research Act – Topias Jussila

to acknowledge exceptionally high quality, impact, and diversity in research. It has been shown that science and research results benefit greatly from a community that approaches challenges and research questions in various and creative ways. This year, candidates in their early career stage were specially recognized for this award. Also, radical creativity in research towards new sustainable processes or material development was emphasized.

In a short amount of time, Topias Jussila has become the most valuable researcher in our group. His passion and dedication to research are already evident from the publications/manuscripts he has produced this year. He demonstrated the implementation of Mössbauer spectroscopy for ALD thin films, which has been published in Advanced Engineering Materials. He has written the first review article on magnetic materials by ALD and it is about to be accepted by Applied Physics Reviews magazine. 

He also holds an excellent record in developing new processes for important thin-film materials. He has actively collaborated with many international research groups, and groups in CHEM. 

Topias Jussila is also an advisor for master thesis students, takes care of the master exchange students in his research group, and serves as a teaching assistant in Bachelor and Master’s level quantum physics courses, and bachelor level inorganic chemistry studies. He has also actively participated in giving lectures and practical demonstrations for Master’s courses.

Collaboration and Impact Act – Sipi Seisko

The Collaboration Act is awarded in recognition and encouragement of excellent collaboration and for promoting visibility and impact through networking.

Sipi has shown exceptional initiative and activity in improving the visibility of our school among high school students. During the last academic year, he made nearly 20 visits to high schools, thanks to which hundreds of high school students learned about studies at the School of Chemical Engineering. In addition to the visits, Sipi has improved the presentation material shown during the visits and coordinated the visit activities of other students. 

Sipi has received excellent feedback from both students and high school teachers for his visits. He is an inspiring and approachable speaker who has done valuable work for the future success of our school. 

Furthermore, Sipi is actively involved in the business interface, participating in collaborative discussions with both the BATCircle2.0 ecosystem and many other companies.

Service Act – Sirje Liukko

The Service Act of the Year is awarded for promoting school’s success through, for example, effective practices, proactive and equal information sharing, or promoting inclusion and well-being.

The service Act 2023 is awarded to Sirje Liukko for dedicated expert support for our doctoral researchers throughout their study path. 

During the past 15-years, Sirje has consistently demonstrated an extraordinary expertise and dedication to the success and well-being of our doctoral researchers. The recent global challenges and restrictions have demanded resilience and adaptability from all of us. Sirje has offered valuable support and guidance, and solid assistance to doctoral researchers navigating through uncertain times.

Sirje is very helpful, and her proactive way of working is recognized not only by doctoral researchers but also by the doctoral programme committee, and her colleagues. Her data-driven and long-term approach helps doctoral researchers and our leadership to promote and facilitate graduation goals.

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