Chem Awards 2021 are chosen

The School of Chemical Engineering rewards outstanding individuals and teams during the year.

Teaching Act – Kirsi Yliniemi

The Teaching Act is awarded in recognition in teaching that have a positive impact on students’ learning, well-being, satisfaction and academic success, as well as the development of attractive curricula.

During remote teaching, Kirsi Yliniemi’s teaching methods were really diverse; her lecturers are versatile, breakout rooms are voluntary, and exams might be with open books. Her courses are well structured, and she has an outstanding pedagogical approach to teaching.

Kirsi Yliniemi was proposed by a student quild due to the many special thanks and mentions in Prosessiteekkarit questionnare. Kirsi is praised as a student-centered teacher who wants to listen to student’s opinions. She also cares about students’ wellbeing, and she also supports her colleagues and their wellbeing.

Research Act – Hossein Baniasadi

The Research act is to acknowledge high quality and impact in research.

The research award is given to Dr Hossein Baniasadi for scientific excellence and innovative industrial collaboration. Dr. Hossein started as Post doc 2019 and he is a key researcher in Strategic Research Council consortium project ValueBiomat. He has altogether 28 peer-reviewed publications, and in 2021 he has already published ten papers, 7 of which as the first author. He has filed three patent applications in the field of biobased composite materials with high filler contents that have already led to contract research with forest industry. He is very active in networking with other groups and over the boundaries of departments, and he has managed his work very well under the Covid restrictions. Overall, Hossein Baniasadi is an excellent role model for researchers: in the course “Basics of Polymer Technology” where he is teaching and to master and PhD students that he is advising.

Collaboration Act – Outi Söderberg and Virve Karttunen

The Collaboration Act is awarded in recognition and encouragement of excellent collaboration and for promoting visibility and impact through networking.

Widening the funding base is crucial to our departments. By the supportive and dedicated way of working, Virve Karttunen and Outi Söderberg at the Pre-award services have enabled our professors to apply and get funding from various sources. This year, professors and Pre-award Research Service team made a record in the ERC grants.  Also, the distribution of the Business Finland, EU, and Academy of Finland funding to all departments is fundamental to our successful research activities. In addition, Outi and Virve are also important players in the Profi funding rounds.

Virve’s proactive and professional funding call info is systematic and specific. She is well connected and knows research staff and their topics well. Outi has been nominated for this award every year and is behind every major grant at our school. She works with devotion and with excellent results. The impact of the wide and the high level of funding base is not only financial but shows that we successfully combine scientific excellence with high-quality research services. Finally, good networks and kind and data sharing approach of Virve and Outi are highly appreciated among the colleagues in other service units as well.

Service Act – Jan Karjalainen

The Service Act of the Year is awarded for promoting school success through, for example, effective practices, proactive and equitable information sharing, or promoting inclusion and well-being.

Jan's support for lab teaching has been first class. Jan is proactive and finds workable solutions even in challenging situations. He has a very professional view of practical laboratory arrangements. Jan is reliable and takes care of, for example, the chemicals and equipment needed to meet tight deadlines as agreed. Jan is also self-motivated, open and always friendly and a pleasure to work with. Jan's insights and input have also been important in the organisation of research laboratories, for example in the logistics of chemical waste.


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