Campus Membership is your ticket to access Aalto University campus

Membership allows you to become part of the unique Aalto University ecosystem, which seamlessly connects companies and the university
Aalto campus members and students

Campus Membership consists of inspiring working spaces, which are divided into four thematic areas. Modern facilities are situated in the best locations on the Aalto University campus in Otaniemi close to top-level research and student flows

The Campus Membership service was launched mid-October to enable companies to access the Aalto University network on the Otaniemi campus, close to future professionals and innovations. Aalto University Campus & Real Estate (ACRE) had already been planning campus membership for several years, and the right time for the launch has come now that people are again regularly working in offices.

‘Campus membership meets the need for hybrid work, and companies do not necessarily have to invest in their own premises’, says Head of Business Development and Sustainability at ACRE Satu Kankaala. A company can purchase a campus membership for its employees, even if they have their own office space elsewhere.

‘On the campus, companies can network with operators in the same field or find new partners in start-up companies, as well as other cooperation opportunities’, says Kankaala.

Campus membership provides a vantage point for the future

Campus membership can be applied for by anyone from a single entrepreneur to established brands, so it is suitable for anyone looking for an inspiring workspace in a unique environment. A campus member will be part of the Otaniemi campus and Aalto University ecosystem, which seamlessly connects companies and Aalto University to create growth and a societal impact. The campus membership offers the company a place that is genuinely close to future professionals, Aalto University students.

‘As a campus member, you can become part of the innovative Aalto community and network with new experts’, says Kankaala. For a recruiting company, campus membership opens a view of Aalto’s recruitment pool and makes it easier to find newly graduated experts.

‘A company can also purchase a campus membership for a student who is preparing their thesis or research project for the company. High-quality coworking facilities provide a good framework for working on the familiar campus’, says Kankaala.

Entrepreneurship coworking space

Modern coworking spaces at the core of the university

‘There are four themed high-quality coworking areas for campus members on Otaniemi campus’, says Head of Leasing and Sales at ACRE Jenna Isokuortti.

‘In addition, there are two types of campus membership – the Hot Seat membership is suitable for those who do not want a fixed working spot and the Fixed Seat membership for those who want their own designated working spot. Fixed seat members can of course also use the conference rooms of other coworking areas’, says Isokuortti.

The modern themed coworking spaces for the campus members are in central locations on the Otaniemi campus of Aalto University. The Entrepreneurship area is in the start-up hub A Grid and is a perfect working space for those looking for an entrepreneurial spirit and cooperation opportunities. The working spaces of the Health area are in the Health Technology House – a true hub of health and wellbeing expertise. Professors, research groups and medical and wellbeing device experts work there.

The Living+ area focuses on people-centred living environments, and the same building houses School of Engineering’s Department of Civil Engineering and Aalto University Campus and Real Estate, for example. The working spaces of the Materials area are in the nationally significant Circular Raw Materials Hub, which serves research and industry and trains future experts in the circular economy and inorganic materials.

All theme areas include the right to use conference rooms, a private kitchen, coffee and tea machines, and access to Makerspace, where you can use a 3D printer or a photo studio, for example. The Entrepreneurship area also includes a post office box and lobby service.

More information about Campus Membership

Satu Kankaala, Head of Business Development and Sustainability
Aalto University Campus and Real Estate Oy (ACRE)
[email protected]

Jenna Isokuortti, Head of Leasing and Sales Aalto University Campus and Real Estate Oy (ACRE)
[email protected]

Become a Campus Member

Campus Membership gives you access to the unique Aalto University ecosystem and inspiring coworking spaces in the best locations of Otaniemi.

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