Baltic Dimensions: Water, Identity, City and Propaganda

Baltic Dimensions is a cross disciplinary symposium connecting different approaches of knowledge and various dimensions of the Baltic sea region.
Baltic Dimensions

Baltic Dimensions is a cross disciplinary symposium connecting different approaches of knowledge and various dimensions of the Baltic sea region.  On October 13 and 14, the focus is on the cities of Riga and Mostar.

On October 13, Frances Hsu will bring her students from ARK-E4505 Global Housing and Urbanism Design Studio to participate in the events, organized by Curator Daniel Urey, that will take place at the Fargfabriken Center for Contemporary Art in Stockholm. The students (Alonso Urbistondo, Ignacio. Dikmans, Sophie. Petriashvili, Ana. Raev, Mihkel. Sjulgard, Bjorn. Viriyaroj, Bergpob. and Wang, Shuaizhong) will have the opportunity to attend the workshop and present their research to the other participants (listed below). They will then travel with Hsu to Riga to work on a studio project for the future RailBaltica multi-modal station.

The participants at the Baltic Dimensions symposium are:
Johanna Bratel (Urban Planner working for Malmo)
Sonya Guimon (Moscow, NY, curator of Kaliningrad project
Johan Hedgart (Researcher on Identity and Museums in the Baltic, Sodertorn University)
Mats Hellström (Former Swedish Ministry and Ambassador in Germany)
Frances Hsu (Architect and writer, Aalto University)
Dan Karlholm (Professor of Art History, Södertörn University)
Thomas Johansson (Havs och Vatten Myndigheten / the Sea and Water Department)
Peter Lang (Royal Institute of Art Stockholm)
Maria Osbeck (Stockholm Environmental Institute)
Annika Öhrner (Researcher on identity and Museums in the Baltic, Sodertorn University)
Erica Treijs (Journalist, Svenska Dagbladet)
Oskars Redbergs (Curator, Publisher and Architect based in Riga)
Race for the Baltics / Think tank)
Goethe Institutet
Global Utmaning / Think Tank

Baltic Dimensions is organized by Joakim Granit (Färgfabriken Creative Director) Daniel Urey (Project Leader) and Karin and Anders Bergmark (Färgfabriken)

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