Assistant Professor Jose Lado recognised with early career distinction

Aalto physicist awarded by European Physical Society for quantum materials research contributions
Assistant Professor Jose Lado received an award from the European Physical Society. Photo: Evelin Kask/Aalto University
Assistant Professor Jose Lado received an award from the European Physical Society. Photo: Evelin Kask/Aalto University

The European Physical Society awarded Aalto University Assistant Professor Jose Lado with the EPS Early Career Award 2023. The prize is awarded to researchers that have made a substantial contribution to the development or reputation of physics in Europe within the first 12 years of their career.

Lado established influential contributions in the field of van der Waals quantum materials, including twisted van der Waals heterostructures, magnetic and multiferroic two-dimensional materials, and heavy-fermion van der Waals materials.

“Van der Waals quantum materials provide an outstanding platform to create new forms of exotic quantum matter that do not occur in natural materials,” Lado said.

Van der Waals materials are a class of materials that are stable up to the monolayer limit due to the weak van der Waals forces that bond different layers. These weak van der Waals forces allow creating artificial heterostructures between radically different materials, which allows the realisation of emergent quantum phenomena. This combination is the driving force to unleash new forms of exotic quantum matter by bringing together quantum phenomena that do not already coexist in natural compounds.

Quantum materials display quantum properties at macroscopic scales, providing the platform to bring exotic quantum phenomena to the macroscopic world. Quantum materials realise the fundamental building blocks for different forms of quantum technologies. Ultimately, engineering new exotic quantum materials enables the creation of new forms of quantum technologies.

“The engineering of artificial quantum materials represents one of the most disruptive directions in physics,” Lado said. “Quantum materials realise an interdisciplinary field bringing together physics, chemistry, material science, and computer science. Creating new quantum materials will allow us to reveal radically new fundamental science and to develop new, groundbreaking quantum technologies.”

Lado leads the Correlated Quantum Materials (CQM) group at the Department of Applied Physics at Aalto, which focuses on engineering quantum materials featuring radically new quantum phenomena. To engineer these materials, the group brings together tools from computational physics, theoretical physics, quantum materials methodologies, machine learning, and, in the near future, quantum algorithms. The CQM group works in collaboration with experimental groups studying quantum materials in general and van der Waals materials in particular.

 Jose Lado

Jose Lado

Assistant Professor
T304 Dept. Applied Physics

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Professor Lado in the physics department coffee room

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Correlated Quantum Materials (CQM)

Correlated Quantum Materials Group (CQM)

Department of Applied Physics
Jose Lado, photo: Evelin Kask

Early career award granted to Professor Jose Lado

Professor Jose Lado was awarded early career prize. The award recognizes the talents of exceptional young researchers who are making a significant contribution to their respective field of research. The runner-up prize was awarded to Prof. Lado by Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft and Institute of Physics through New Journal of Physics (NJP).

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