Adjunct Professor Jari Collin becomes Sonera’s new Chief Technology Officer

On September 1 Jari Collin starts as the CTO of Sonera. He will continue research on digital business models and data sharing models in the Industry.

In 2013, Collin joined Professor Heikki Saikkonen’s research group to lead the ACIO programme, which studied the impact of the digital transformation on IT leadership in organisations in Finland. Since then, he has been part-time Adjunct Professor at the Department of Computer Science, while his principal job has been in industry.

‘My part-time role as Adjunct Professor and my job in industry are mutually supportive. There are intensive times when I am completing funding applications or writing a book, but then it becomes easier again. I find that Sonera appreciates the collaboration between industry and the academic world as a whole, including contacts with the students,’ says Collin.

Collin and journalist Ari Saarelainen have just published ‘Teollinen internet’, a book that discusses the Industrial Internet and the possibilities it provides in a broad-based and practical manner and also provides guidance.

‘I participate in Professor Martti Mäntylä’s project Aalto Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC) that studies the digital transformation and the opportunities it brings about. The importance of data sharing increases as we move to a digital operating model, and organisations that share data will inevitably become pioneers of the digital transformation. Finland has good possibilities to be successful in this transformation,’ Collin adds in the end.

Jari Collin specialises in businesses’ information and service systems. He has over 15 years of experience in the development, implementation and functioning of industrial ERP systems across the world. For the past two years, Collin has been CIO at Stora Enso’s maintenance company Efora developing its Smart Maintenance operating model and related solutions in the industrial internet. Previously, he worked at both Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks and was CIO at Elisa between 2008 and 2013. Collin graduated with a M.Sc. (Tech) degree from Tampere University of Technology in 1996 and was awarded his doctorate at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management of Helsinki University of Technology in 2003.

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