Aalto's new professional development programme in logistics meets the skills shortage of the industry

The Diploma in Global Logistics programme has been designed together with companies in the industry. It combines content modules tailored to the needs of industry experts with Aalto University's high-quality degree courses.
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The logistics and freight forwarding industry has been in turbulence in recent years, as there are many factors affecting the sector and they are not small.

"Contributing to the fight against climate change, the revolution brought about by digitalisation, Brexit, Russia's war of aggression..." lists Anna Haakana, business policy expert at the Finnish Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association (FIFFLA).

In addition, there is a Europe-wide labour shortage in the industry. Something should therefore be done to increase recognition of the importance of the whole logistics chain and the jobs involved.

In April 2022, Petri Laitinen, CEO of FIFFLA, brought this up in Twitter. He called for broad collaboration between different operators in the industry.

Katri Kauppi, associate professor in logistics at the Aalto University School of Business, saw the tweet, got interested and contacted Laitinen. One thing led to another, and soon Kauppi was in talks with FIFFLA and its member companies about a new professional development programme in logistics and forwarding.

The chain of events that followed the tweet resulted in the Diploma in Global Logistics programme, which started in August 2023 for the first time with 25 participants. The training is part of Aalto University's Lifewide Learning offering.

As the logistics and freight forwarding sector is constantly changing, continuously developing one’s knowledge is needed to ensure that those working in the sector can keep up with the development.

"The sector is actually affected by everything that happens in society. Continuous improvement of working methods is important in specialist positions, and the pursuit of low emissions, for example, requires long-term development work," says Kauppi.

This is a great opportunity to build the industry know-how. My aim is to grow with the logistics industry and be a leader of change.

Diploma in Global Logistics programme participant

Tailored learning content and university courses

The Diploma in Global Logistics programme is targeted for those already working or desiring to work in logistics and freight forwarding. Participants can choose to complete the programme in one or one and a half years. The schedule can also be tailored to the life situation of each participant.

The programme consists of both content modules tailored to the needs of professionals in the field and complementary courses within the Aalto University degree education. 

The contents of the programme correspond to the skills shortage of the logistics industry identified in several recent studies, such as problem-solving skills, data analysis, sustainability management, teamwork and communication skills.

Many themes, such as sustainability and business development, are built into all learning content. 

One module focuses on analytical exercises and data-based decision making. Participants are given tasks that serve the purpose of analysing data and making decisions based on it. Problem-solving skills will also be rehearsed in the most practical way possible.

"The programme includes a lot of case-based teaching, where students are presented with a real-life business challenge or problem and background information. The participant then takes on the role of a decision-maker and solves the problem," explains Kauppi.

During their studies, participants will also carry out a project work and attend the Future of Freight seminar, where they will have the opportunity to influence the list of current topics featured in the seminar.

The Diploma in Global Logistics is a study programme in logistics and freight forwarding that helps specialists in the field build and deepen their expertise. The programme can be completed in 1 or 1,5 years and its extent is 24 ECTS. The studies include both independent studies and group work. Find out more about the programme here (

Get to know the Lifewide Learning content

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Lifewide Learning

Aalto University Lifewide Learning helps you develop your skills in an ever-changing environment.

Diploma in Global Logistics

This diploma program covers the latest research knowledge and practices in logistics and freight forwarding. You can choose to complete the program within 1 or 1.5 years, depending on your preference.

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