Aalto's Degree Programme in Fashion ranked fifth best in the world

Aalto University made it to top five for the second time in fashion schools’ global listing, run by the Business of Fashion (BoF) website.

The Bachelor's programme in Fashion at Aalto University was placed fifth in the global BoF ranking, that is based on global influence, learning experiences and the long-term value provided by the education. Central Saint Martins (CMS), UK, topped the ranking for the third year in a row. Number two was the Parsons School of Design, USA, and Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium, made it to number three. The ranking involved 73 universities around the world, 25 more this year. The ranking was organised for the third time now and the results were published October 30th.

The Master's Programme in Fashion, Clothing and Textile at Aalto University was placed 14th on the same list. Aalto’s BA ranking came down from 3 to 5 this year, and MA ranking went up from 15 to 14. Central Saint Martins was ranked first in both Bachelor's and Master's programmes.

“Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture being the fifth best fashion school in the world is an amazing result! The schools ranked before us are traditionally highly regarded famous fashion schools, that have a long history in the high fashion design education. Their networks are well established during many decades. These schools can also select their students among the very best candidates worldwide. We are in a world-class league”, says professor Pirjo Hirvonen.

Employability is important

The BoF analysis reveals, that future employment is the primary concern of the students. Therefore, this year the ranking emphasises employability. The top five schools in the Bachelors won 40 percent of points allocated by the HR recruiters.

“What is most important, our graduates find jobs as well, since it is not that easy these days in the fashion industry. In our program we put emphasis on close ties with the industry, excellent technological resources and ensuring that our students gain multidisciplinary skills”, Hirvonen explains. 

The ranking is based on a survey of HR professionals and industry insiders, as well as over 11 000 students’ feedback. In the survey students were asked feedback about the quality of teaching and the available resources in the institutes. Emphasis is also put on their working life and career skills, as well as employment opportunities.

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