Aalto's Computer Science lands 72nd place in NTU ranking

Several engineering subjects also rank among the world's top 150.

Aalto's Computer Science rises from 73rd to 72nd place in the world in this year’s National Taiwan University (NTU) Ranking. The NTU Ranking provides rankings by 14 selected subjects, rankings by six fields and an overall ranking.

Aalto’s Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering are also found among the world's top 150. Mathematics, Materials Science, Physics and Mechanical Engineering rank in the top 200.

The NTU ranking by field places Aalto’s Engineering at spot 135. Its ranking last year was 128. The NTU does not rank the business and arts fields.

In the overall ranking Aalto jumped to 342nd place from last year’s 350th.

The NTU Ranking is based on the analysis of publication and citation data included in the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science database, which emphasises volume in addition to influence. For a university such as Aalto that is specialised in various fields, field-specific rankings are more informative than overall rankings.

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