Aalto University's reputation better than ever

According to the image survey carried out by Taloustutkimus, Aalto University is the most recognised university amongst young Finns.

Aalto University received excellent results in the image survey carried out by Taloustutkimus. A total of nearly 1,200 Finns under the age of 30 responded to the survey, which assessed universities and universities of applied sciences.

According to respondents, Aalto University is the best known of Finland's universities. Aalto University’s overall score was higher than the preceding year and the university placed second in this respect.

Aalto University seen as forerunner

The image survey included ten statements. Respondents assessed whether these applied to a university or university of applied sciences well or poorly. Aalto University's image is more positive than before, and the university got the top score in six out of ten statements: its degree is valued on the job market, the university is a forerunner, it offers international opportunities, its visibility in the media is positive, it is visible in social media, and Aalto University stands out from all of Finland’s other institutions of higher learning. Aalto placed in the top three in three statements: the university’s reputation as a place of study is good, teaching is of a high standard and the fields of study are interesting.

The internet important source of information

The survey also determined the sources from which young Finns acquired information on education. A university's or UAS's website, as well as search words related to the field of study or place of study, are the most common methods for searching for information. The significance of search words as information sources has grown the most in recent years.

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