Aalto University’s open science monitoring results are in line with most of the other Finnish universities

Open science coordination arranged the first monitoring of open science and research activities and services in 2022. The aim of the monitoring is to support open science development work at organisations and to generate an overview of the openness level of Finnish science and research. In addition, the costs of scientific publishing for 2021 were collected.
The results of open science monitoring by Aalto university and other universities

All universities and universities of applied sciences and most of the research institutes participated in the monitoring questionnaire and information gathering on open science and research policies, services and results. 

Aalto University did well in the areas of open scholarship, open data and infrastructure and open publishing, but our results were only satisfactory in the area of open education.

Our results are in line with the other universities. However, some universities got excellent points in all the areas of the open science monitoring. 

The results of the open science monitoring has been published in the national portal where it’s possible to view the result from different viewpoints. The detailed monitoring results of Aalto University can be found at Aalto University's page in the

Furthermore, the total costs of scientific publishing for 2021 were collected. The total budget was 43.6 million € for the Finnish research community. The results are findable in Finnish only (16. 12.2022) in the portal but will be published in English later on.

The visualisations depict the national division of costs in

  • transformative agreements (49% of the total budget)
  • license and subscription fees (32%)
  • article processing charges APCs (10%) and
  • printed material (6%).

At Aalto, the share of transformative agreements amount to 66% of the total budget. The share of license and subscription fees in nearly 20%, APCs 13% and printed material 1%. In 2021, the costs of scientific publishing (not just open access publishing) was ca. 3.8 million €.

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Photo: Tima Miroschnichenko, Pexels.
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