Aalto University Summer School - 10 reasons to apply this summer

Do you need a direction this summer? Connect with students from other top universities globally while you delve into some of the world’s most critical multidisciplinary topics at Aalto University Summer School.
A group of Digital Business Master Class students on an outdoors excursion posing happily for the camera.
Digital Business Master Class students in Helsinki

Why choose Aalto University Summer School for a short exchange this summer? Our course topics include entrepreneurship, well-being architecture, digital business strategies and sustainable material science. But the Summer School is much more than just course topics. We have gathered a list of ten reasons to jump on a summer course at Aalto University!

Online flexibility

Our world still looks slightly different to what we are used to this summer. We have to adapt ourselves to new ways of studying, working and living as after-effects of the pandemic. All our summer courses besides one can be taken online, which adds flexibility and a possibility for students worldwide to join our courses. We recently asked our students for tips on online teamwork. According to them, communications, setting a clear schedule and respecting deadlines and agreements are some of the keys to success.

Work on real company projects

Gain insights into how some of the largest and most established Finnish organisations operate and establish valuable company contacts for the future. The Digital Business Master Class course allows students to work in international teams to plan digital solutions for real business cases from our partnering companies. During the years, Summer School has partnered with companies like Posti, CGI and Helen.

Challenge-based learning

We aim to increase students’ employability with real-life challenges and teaching and learning practices aligned with work-life environments. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, challenge-based learning allows students to collaborate with local and global partners. Relevant projects provide authentic learning experiences and allow students to explore, discuss, and meaningfully construct concepts and relationships.

Expand your networks

Can you network and have an inspiring exchange experience online? Definitely! Students participating in online courses can deepen connections from class and meet people from other courses during laid-back virtual activities. In addition to high-quality teaching, we focus on multicultural and multidisciplinary interaction. Letting students work together in applying their new skills leads to the best learning experiences, both on-campus and online. 

Students in student overalls and graduation caps on Otaniemi campus with festival-like tents and market stands on a summer's day

Get a true Finnish experience

Taking courses at Aalto University Summer School is an easy way to grasp Finnish culture. Did you know that 75 per cent of Finland's total land area is covered in forest? Our course Nordic Biomaterials by CHEMARTS will take place on campus in August, including excursions to the Finnish forest, significant for its birch and pine trees. 

Apart from forest excursions, we offer online activities such as cooking classes of traditional Finnish meals and podcasts about the Finnish culture, technology and work-life exclusively made for Summer School students. Read more about our social program activities here

There’s no time to lose

Do you appreciate efficiency as much as we do? An intensive course can be an excellent option for learners in life situations were going abroad for several months simply isn’t an option. Most of our courses are two-week intensive courses where students get to deep-dive into the most relevant course topics. The courses include pre-and post-assignments that are not tied to a specific time or place (besides, of course, the deadlines).

Explore the most critical multidisciplinary topics right now

Aalto University’s main mission is to come up with solutions for a sustainable future. We are renowned for our sense of community and culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. The Summer School course topics for 2021 align well with some of the most important issues of our time and include entrepreneurship, digital business, carbon-neutral construction and wellbeing architecture, as well as sustainable biomaterials. Our course Climate Change, Health and Architecture focus on climate change and its relationship to human activities, built environment and health.

Cultural diversity

Aalto University is ranked as the 35th most international university in the world and over 43% of the current faculty at Aalto is international. Summer School welcomes students from all over the world, and we aim to create a vibrant and international atmosphere during our courses.

Get a closer look at Finland as a startup and tech hub

Finland is a world leader in information technology, business, design and many other academically centred fields. Did you know that Aalto University has played a significant role in establishing the startup and tech landscape that Helsinki and Finland are known for?

Aaltoes (Aalto Entrepreneurship Society) is Europe's largest and most active student-run entrepreneurship community that has played a significant role in the emergence of Helsinki as a Nordic hub for tech and startup companies by founding major concepts such as the Startup Sauna accelerator program and the Slush startup event. Embark on your own entrepreneurial journey with our summer course Entrepreneurial Path and learn how entrepreneurial skills like communication, leadership, business management and strategic thinking will make you competitive in today's work landscape

Meet students like Tyler, Svitlana and Kevin!

Tyler Spring standing in a harbour at sunset, smiling.

‘Everything about the program is extremely well done, from the facilities to the coordinators, company visits, cultural outings and lectures.’

Tyler Spring, Digital Business Master Class alumnus 2019

Svitlana Chaplinska sitting with her laptop and smiling towards the camera in a futuristic, round and red chair integrated to the wall at Aalto University campus.

‘It may sound like a cliché, but the course has truly exceeded all my expectations. I have been attending online classes and courses through Zoom and Teams for an entire year now, and this was by far the best organised and most inspiring one! It was well-organised, and the communication between lecturer and students as well as among the students during our group projects was flawless.’ 
Svitlana Chaplinska
, Digital Business Master Class alumna spring 2021

Kevin Campbell in sunglasses and a Queen's University cap

‘The two weeks of lectures gave me a basic understanding of crucial topics such as platform development, design, AI and machine learning, and digital business strategies.’ Kevin Campbell, Digital Business Master Class alumnus spring 2021

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