Aalto University has launched an inquiry into Helsinki School

Aalto University has launched a thorough inquiry into new allegations of inappropriate conduct and financial impropriety related to Helsinki School.
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Aalto University has launched a thorough inquiry into new allegations of inappropriate conduct and financial impropriety related to Helsinki School, at the request of Tuomas Auvinen, Dean of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture. The inquiry will be carried out by Aalto University's finance, legal and learning services.

The inquiry will be carried out in accordance with the Aalto Code of Conduct in a manner that ensures independence and objectivity.

The inquiry will examine the veracity of public allegations about Helsinki School's activities. All parties have the right to be heard, to express their views on the matter and also to comment on the views of others. The parties are to be heard in a fair and equitable manner, without any preconceived expectations, for example as to the outcome of the inquiry. Once completed, an overall assessment will be made and a decision will be taken on the need for any further action, not all of which may be public.

Aalto University will not tolerate any form of inappropriate behaviour or discrimination. Every member of the Aalto community - students and staff alike - is entitled to respectful treatment, and we are committed to ensuring a safe and equal learning and working environment for all. The Aalto Code of Conduct provides a framework for acceptable behaviour and fair play within our community, and it is important that all Aalto students are familiar with its contents, understand it in a consistent way and abide by it.

We encourage anyone who observes inappropriate behaviour to bring it to our attention and the issues raised will be addressed. Contact will be treated in full confidentiality if requested.

Aalto’s general guidelines

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Aalto University has started an investigation regarding allegations of inappropriate behavior and financial irregularities related to Helsinki School. As part of the investigation, the persons responsible for the investigation hear relevant individuals and aim to be informed of any experiences of inappropriate behavior that may have not been addressed. The hearings will take place both in writing and, where necessary, orally.

During the investigation, we kindly ask to send potential reports regarding experiences of inappropriate behavior to Maiju Wickström and Anni Rintala, and reports regarding financial irregularities to Jukka Stenroos. If you wish to provide a report or statement for the purposes of the investigation, please provide a written report, or indicate your willingness to have a meeting. The ethical and legal principles followed by Aalto require that the consequences of inappropriate behavior are, in principle, based on information provided under one's own name. However, other reports and descriptions received in the matter will also be taken into account to the possible extent. At your request, we will process your contact in such a way that your identity and the facts that can be connected to you are only handled by the undersigned persons. Please state clearly in your possible contact if you do not wish to submit your report or statement under your own name.

The Helsinki School inquiry contact persons have now received contacts from different stakeholders. We thank you for contacting us. Consultations with stakeholders are ongoing and will continue over the coming weeks. Following the consultations, the contact persons will report back to the University's leadership, and they will consider the necessary follow-up. 

Contact persons for experiences of inappropriate behavior:

Anni Rintala
+358 50 512 2683
[email protected]

Maiju Wickström
+358 50 301 5798
[email protected]

More information

Contact person for financial issues:

Jukka Stenroos
+358 50 567 2715
[email protected]

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